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Category: Networking
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Could someone answer me with evidence on how responsive does

Customer Question

Could someone answer me with evidence on how responsive does Microsoft show limited / no connection on the wifi tab on the start bar from a wifi hotspot?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Richard replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question, my name is Richard.

It is going to happen within 10 seconds.

It will depend on the speed of your computer, but average will be within 10 seconds for this.

You can confirm your computer, by disconnecting the internet cable to the wifi router.

Detailed information on how this works is below.

Windows Vista and 7 have a variety of Network Awareness features, one of which is the Network Connectivity Status Indicator that performs connectivity tests that in turn are used by the network systray icon.

The test for internet connectivity is simple:

NCSI tries to load a specific page via HTTP (more precisely: a text document) and tests whether it can be retrieved.
If that is not successful, Windows reports "No Internet access".
The mechanism also checks whether the domain the document is hosted on resolves to the expected IP address. So, it might also assume proper internet access if this test is successful but the document can't be retrieved.

The reason it reports "No Internet Access" when you haven't authenticated on a Hotspot yet lies in the way a Hotspot works. It blocks all ports besides 80 and 443 (for HTTP and HTTPS, respectively), which get redirected to the Hotspot's authentication server and might mess with DNS requests in one way or another. Thus, NCSI can neither resolve the domain its test file is hosted on, and even if it could it wouldn't reach the actual file because HTTP traffic is redirected to the Authentication server.

This is done continuously, so is reported very quickly with a maximum time being 10 seconds.

Feel free to ask if you would like more information please.

Thank you