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I switched to BT Total Broadband in December last year. I

Customer Question

I switched to BT Total Broadband in December last year.
I tested my broadband speed on 5 Dec., using the BT website, as 2 Mb/s line rate and !.3 Mb/s download speed. At this stage , each of my three telephones was connectd via a microfilter at each socketet.
On 10 Dec, I fitted a filter at the master socket. The line rate was then 3.94 Mb/s, and the download 3.49.
Tree days later this was 4 and 3.47. I was delighted!
However,since then the line rate has fallen steaily to its present value of 2.7 Mb/s.
I've checked all the connections in my internal phone wiring (although all the phones work perfectly) and all is OK.
The BT line comes to the house, via a black plastic insulated cable, from a pole where several other phone cables are connected.
The only possible cause of the fall in speed that I can think of is all the rain we've had lately. Help!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Carl L replied 4 years ago.
Hi and welcome to Just Answer, a Question and Answer Company. My name is Carl and I will be assisting you today.

What are you suppose to be getting according to your BT Plan? Speeds can go up and down constantly depending on the current overall usage on the main hub.

I wouldn't suspect rain as the culprit as it's all a sealed system. Lightening on the other hand can cause cross capacitance / interference forcing the system to reset but that's only for about 5 minutes after the last strike.

If you are getting anything above what you are paying for, I would take that as a blessing as they normally never give you more.
Expert:  Carl L replied 4 years ago.
Hi David,

I'm just following up with you to see if you still needed any help. If you can spare a few seconds, please select from one of the Smiley Face Ratings above then press submit so that I am compensated for my time helping you.

Thank you!