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Wes, Consultant
Category: Networking
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Experience:  Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, 15+ years experience
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How do I make my canon mp-101 printer discoverable for blue

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How do I make my canon mp-101 printer discoverable for blue tooth on my macbook

Wes :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. Do you have the optional BU-30 bluetooth adapter for the printer? It is not included.

Wes :

Also can you double check the model number? MP-101 is usually a paper type, not a printer model.


How do I know and it says wifi is on?

Wes :

On the bottom or back of the printer the model number should be listed, if you can get that for me it will be much easier to assist you.

Wes :

The BU-30 is a small USB key... it would be sticking out of the printer if you had it connected.

Wes :

However, depending on the printer, it may be installed under a panel. that's why I need the model number


I think the model number is XXXXX and it was sold as a wireless printer. WIFI is lit up in blue.

Wes :

okay, wireless (wifi) is a little different setup than Bluetooth. What color is your printer?

Wes :

Does it look like this?

Full Size Image


Wes sorry It might be model number MG5250. Colour is black and says PIXMA on top.

Wes :

okay, that helps a lot

Wes :

hold on while I look up some info

Wes :

Look like that?


Yes it does

Wes :

Ok great

Wes :

Setting up the printer wirelessly

  1. On the printer itself, press the up or down arrow (near the OK button).

  2. Beneath the display are 3 square buttons. Press the third button.

  3. Using the arrow buttons on the wheel, highlight the option “Wireless LAN Set up” and press the OK button.

  4. If asked to activate, select Yes and press OK.

  5. You will see Easy Set-up selected. Press OK. This will then present you with the available networks in range.

  6. Select your desired network and press OK.

  7. Press the third button pointing to “Enter / Edit” and enter your network passkey. Use the arrows to select a character and the OK button to type the character in.

  8. Press the button underneath “Done” and press the OK button.

  9. If successful it will say “Connected to access point”. Press OK.

  10. Press the home button twice to go to the main home menu. Your Printer is now connected to the access point and will be visible by the networking tool.

Wes :

once you get the printer enabled for wifi, to set it up on your mac...

  1. Run the Setup application from the CD.

  2. Select your place of residence (this is for language options mainly). You will need to do this twice.

  3. When selecting Easy Install or Custom Install, click Custom Install.

  4. Make sure to tick the printer Drivers, the MP Navigator and Canon IJ Networking tool.

  5. Click Install.

  6. Choose the option that states “Use the printer on Network”. Make sure there is a green mark next to it.

  7. Agree to the license agreement.

  8. When presented with “Printer Detection” click Next. The network tool will try to detect your MG5250 Wirelessly.

  9. If you followed the steps correctly in the setting up the printer Section of this guide you will see that the printer is in the list. Click the printer name. Then click Next.

  10. On the “Register Printer And Scanner” page, it is up to you if you complete the registration. When ready, click Next.

  11. Click Next after loading paper into the Cassette (located below the tray opening, where the paper comes out).

  12. Click Next to complete set-up.

  13. You will be presented with User Registration (to complete if you wish).

  14. You will now be presented with the “Extended Survey Program” (which is also optional).

  15. Finally, you wil be presented with the screen stating “Installation completed successfully”. Click Exit.

Wes :

let me know if you need more assistance with this. If you got it working, please click a smiley face before you go.

Wes :

otherwise type me a short message and hit reply and I will reconnect to assist you further.


Well done Wes I am up and running and tested print !

Wes :


Wes and 2 other Networking Specialists are ready to help you