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Phil. O (Sanman)
Phil. O (Sanman), Consultant
Category: Networking
Satisfied Customers: 8
Experience:  IT Consultant (15 years)Specialist in Cisco & Brocade SAN's
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Hi, I have a Pioneer X SMC3 K/S and tried to link it to my

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Hi, I have a Pioneer X SMC3 K/S and tried to link it to my BT hub so I could play iTunes from my Mac wirelessly. Followed the rather vague instructions, put in various codes and now not only does it not detect any music server, it no longer finds internet radio! Help, do I need to do something else or is there a way to reset the unit to default factory settings so it will detect the wifi and bring back internet radio??

Phil. O (Sanman) :

Hi Please reply to expert when replying

Phil. O (Sanman) :

Have you managed to get the unit working again yet ?




Give me some help, not just a question!!!!

Phil. O (Sanman) :

The reason I asked the question was that it was not clear what your problem is now, as the first question was is there a way to reset to factory defaults or similar to sort out lack of internet radio, and under "already tried" section, you asked is there a way to play itunes over wifi to the pioneer, so I just wanted to clarify the situation before offering advice.

Phil. O (Sanman) :

Anyway you can play itunes over the unit using Airplay, you must be using itunes 10.1 or later,

Phil. O (Sanman) :

But you seem to have lost the basic functionality of internet radio, which suggests that you have lost connection to the internet, so you need to check your network connection settings, if all looks okay try going through the setup again.

Phil. O (Sanman) :

If this does not work please advise on weather or not your router uses DHCP, and confirm that you are connecting via wifi or via a network cable.?

Phil. O (Sanman) :

Best Regards Phil


See original question, I was trying to link to my BT hub to get my ITunes to play from my Mac via the hub to the Pioneer unit as the manual seems to suggest that is possible. After entering the various codes for the hub, I now can't play internet radio or link to my mac. That is why I asked if there was a factory default setting to wipe out any changes I made which do not seem to work! If not how do I get it working again as it was??

Phil. O (Sanman) :
To reset the box. first ...... Disconnect all components connected to this unit

before the operation.



The unit turns on.

Press and hold  and STANDBY/ON on


the top panel for three seconds.

The unit turns off (standby mode).

All the settings will be reset to the factory default next time the

unit is turned on
Phil. O (Sanman) :

this should get it internet radio working again, you can then try to setup airplay again.


Tried the reset as suggested, still no connection, still have a red x on top right of screen! Did go in before reset to make sure dhcp was on as it asks you to turn it off when entering wireless IP addresses etc; The reset hasn't worked it seems.

Phil. O (Sanman) and 2 other Networking Specialists are ready to help you

I am sorry to hear that did not work, to investigate further, can you give me a more precise sequence of the steps you carried out, that stopped it from working, this will then hopefully provide the information to work out what is still wrong.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Phil,

I seem to have solved the problem by guesswork, I looked the system info and saw WPS info stated push button interface off, so reset WPS on the BT infinity hub and connection was remade! Hoorah, now have internet radio but not sure how to use wireless connection for ITunes so may just use a 3.5mm jack lead to Aux instead. Those wireless connect instructions in the manual just weren't clear!

Anyway thanks


itunes should just detect your Pioneer system, now it is connected to wifi, as long as the itunes device and the music player are on the same network, you will see an icon apperár to the right of the play controls with in itunes if you click on this you should then see your Pioneer as an option to play to, select this and the music should play.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Phil,

Thanks so far but there is no icon in my iTunes player. Using latest OS and iTunes software. Looked at many Apple advice blogs and lots of other help stuff relating to missing icon. No use though, going into mini player still showed no icon. How can I get this icon to appear or activate Airplay??? Very frustrating, Apple help just a circular journey!

okay so it's imperative that they are both on the same subnet (Network) , so your Pioneer X SMC3 K/S connects to a certain WiFi network, tell me about your iTunes device, how does it connect is it to the same wifi network or is it connected by an ethernet cable.
Also do you just have the one wireless router ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just the one BT infinity hub and router, my Mac connects wirelessly to it and so does the Pioneer. Problem is no icon on the iTunes player even when trying the mini player option, don't recall ever seeing it, how can I get it? Apple help circular and not actually helpful.

Just to be clear, Do you know what you are looking for, it is a smallish icon a square rectangle, with a small triangle on the bottom of the rectangle, and it appears next to (right hand side) the play controls, when your playing a track

If still not there, Some things to chk are.

On your Router settings...
Hidden network : Set to Disabled
Channel : Set to Auto
DHCP : Set to Only one DHCP server per network

Some people have reported that disabling IPv6 on Mac, solves this problem.
If none of the above solves your problem, please let me know which version of mac os you are running, and I will give you the precise instructions how to do this, as it varies depending on OS version.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Phil,

Checked bt infinity hub settings, seem okay, still no icon in iTunes (yes I know what it looks like, it appears on the Pioneer screen) Please talk me through IPv6 disable, have seen blogs that this may work!

iTunes is 11.1.5(5) 64bit and Mac OS is 10.9.2 Mavericks.

Cheers, Chas

Go to this should guide you through, but let me know if you need any further help.

Best regards Phil
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Tried the help but only gave solutions for Mac OSX 10.5, 6, 7 and 8, tried them but don't work for OSX 10.9! No IPv6 off option available.


I apologise for that, I was assuming it meant 10.8 and later, there is not much info on 10.9, but I have found a reference to disabling it in the following page check the 2nd paragraph configuring tcpip.
Basically you don't need ipv6 , so if you can disable this option for the network adapter, this may solve your problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, tried your suggestion, got to set ipv6 to link local only, still no icon in iTunes, what now , help?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, set ipv6 to local link only, still no icon on iTunes player, what do I do, help?


sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I wonder have you tried connecting both your pioneer and mac directly via ethernet cables into the router, to see if you get the icon then ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Haven't tried that but as it is a wireless network and the icon appears on the Pioneer why would an ethernet cable change anything?

Apparently a number of people have experienced problems with the BT Home hub and itunes Airplay not working across the wireless network, some people have got around this by using a separate hub, as then there is a direct connection, that's why I was wondering if directly connecting to the homehub makes any difference.

The other thing to try is temporarily disabling any anti-virus & firewall programs to see if they are blocking the ports that Airplay uses to communicate.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for the delay, but been busy! However, yesterday I connected the Mac to the Pioneer aux in via a 3.5 jack cable and went to play some music, noticed the symbol had appeared in the iTunes player! Then removed cable, used the icon to select the Pioneer and music played from the Pioneer, hooray. Also when I turned the Pioneer off, the icon disappeared from iTunes player and reappeared when I turned the Pioneer back on. Okay system works but I can not explain these circumstances! Thanks for your help by the way but it seems to have worked by trial and error and sheer luck!!

Well am really pleased it is working for you now, it may have been something you changed along the way, sometimes the icon does not appear straightaway, but only after a reset etc.

Enjoy listining to your music via Airtunes.