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Viet - Network Tech
Viet - Network Tech, Computer Support Specialist
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I have perfectly working wi-fi on my laptop but what do I

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I have perfectly working wi-fi on my laptop but what do I need to do to switch it to other people's wi-fi when I take it on my travels? Thanks for your advice Brian

Viet - Network Tech :

Hello! Thank you for your question. I am a licensed network professional with over ten years of experience, and I will be assisting you today.

Viet - Network Tech :

I'm sorry about the issue. Does it say wrong password/key, etc.? Was the laptop able to connect at another wireless/wi-fi place, if you had tried?

Viet - Network Tech :

You must have the correct wireless password/key (it is case-sensitive.) Are you at your friend's router now? What's the brand/model of his/her router? Does he/she also have a laptop / wireless computer that is currently connected via wireless? If so, does it have windows xp, vista, or 7, or 8, or mac?

Viet - Network Tech :

Please type at the box below, then click on the Reply button at the bottom in order to communicate with me. Thank you,

Customer: Afraid I'm at home now so can not give a lot of the detail but friend is on BT service. I have a BT Homehub. I tried to link up earlier this week and kept getting 'wrong wireless password XXXXX key' message. Maybe I'm entering the wrong series of numbers as there are several strings of them on the router (can't recall the details of friend's router but think the it has XP. Can you just confirm which set of numbers I need - and do I need some other password XXXXX complete the sequence?
Viet - Network Tech :

The default password XXXXX XXXXX the bt homehub which is called wireless key (or wireless password), and it is case-sensitive. If your friend has changed his wireless password, then he/she needs to log in his bt homehub router device in order to check his wireless password XXXXX key.

Viet - Network Tech :

Each wireless place has different password (if it's not an open network); the owner needs to know his/her exact wireless password/key in order to give it to you.

Customer: Thanks for that. But does PASSWORD XXXXX an actual word or just the set of numbers or wireless key? Also, if I can acess the wi-fi on my next visit will this also work wherever i take the computer? What happens with hotels? If they advertise free wi-fi does that mean the computer will just work without alteration?
Viet - Network Tech :

Password XXXXX anything. Password XXXXX contains only characters or only numbers or symbols, or contain mixed.

Viet - Network Tech :

Each wireless place is different, all you need is the correct password XXXXX that wireless place

Viet - Network Tech :

When a hotel advertises free wifi, it will give you its wireless password (if they set a password.)

Viet - Network Tech :

Note: as for your friend who has the BT homehub, he/she can log in his/her router at the website http://bthomehub.home on his/her computer in order to confirm his wireless password/key.

Customer: ok. I'll try it. Thanks for the advice. Afraid I came to computers rather late and just have to pick these things up as I go. Regards Brian
Viet - Network Tech :

No problem, as you know, there is nothing's wrong with your laptop's wifi as it's working at home. You just need the right wireless password/key at any wireless place

Viet - Network Tech :

If you need anything else later, please let me know any time. Also, can you please take a moment to rate my service by clicking on a face icon / service option below, then click on Submit / OK when it shows up. Thank you,

Customer: Fine. Thanks again. Closing now.
Viet - Network Tech :

You're welcome. Please rate my service below before closing/leaving. You can come back any time if you need any more help. Thank you very much.

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