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AaronAnderson, PC Technician
Category: Networking
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Experience:  Graduated from the prestigious Globe University in Information Technology and have years of exp.
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Hello, My home network is configured by my Router - a Draytek. Everything

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My home network is configured by my Router - a Draytek.

Everything normally works ok, with the router issuing ip addresses to various computers and iPads, iPhones etc.

We have a Kyocera printer connected to the network, and recently (via the router) and just recently the printer has shown as "offline" on various machines. The only way to fix is to delete the printer on the machine, then add a networked printer again ... But this then knocks the printer "offline" on another connected machine.

Any ideas for a fix?


AaronAnderson :

Hi there

AaronAnderson :

So you have a network printer which works for some period of time and then it stops working on a couple computers, requires you to reinstall it, and that gets it to work on those computers but then causes problems for some of the remaining?

AaronAnderson :

Have you tried removing the printer from each of the machines at the same time and then simply re-add them?

Customer: Hi Aaron,
Customer: i think it has been more of a case of not being able to access all computers at the same time in order to do your fix?
Customer: it has become more piecemeal - "Printer doesn't work, remove, add, print"?
Customer: but if the printer isn't shared, why would another user affect my ability to print
Customer: ?????
AaronAnderson :

Network printers are tricky that way

AaronAnderson :

One person could knock it offline if someone was able to get a print job in the print queue that gets stuck

AaronAnderson :

What's the model of your printer?

Customer: It is this. ...
AaronAnderson :

There isn't anything out there that mentions a common network problem

AaronAnderson :

is it the same few computers that start having problems with the printer?

AaronAnderson :

If it's the same computers, I'd try seeing if there are newer drivers you could try installing of the printer

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