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Richard, Network Architect
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Hi I want to setup up a wifi access device in the small apartment

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Hi I want to setup up a wifi access device in the small apartment that is connected to my house but I want to limit access to the devices that are currently on my network such as printer, WD Cloud and other PC's. I have already ran the network cable to the apartment but I am unsure where exactly to connect it. I currently have a router from my broadband supplier that is then connected to my wireless router which assigns all the ip addresses. I also have a switch connected and another wifi access point at the other end of the house.
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So basically you want to know how to connect this other wireless router to act as an access point for wireless connection on your network.

Is that correct?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Richard, You actually helped me before. I already have setup an access point on my network so I know how to do that.

But what I want to do now is to setup another access point but I don't want anyone accessing the internet on this access point to be able to see or access any of the other devices that are on my network such as external hard drives, wireless printers and other pc's. I the person using this access point to only be able to access the internet or another device connected directly to the access point

ok, then you need to note the Mac Addresses of all the devices Mark, that you want to allow to connect.

then enable Mac Filtering on the router.

Enter in only the Mac Addresses you wish to allow to connect and it will only allow these devices to connect to your wireless network.

Plus of course, they also need the wireless password. But is the wireless password ***** enough? As without it they cannot even connect

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am going to rent out the apartment to a tennat and the broadband is already wired to the apartment from the rounter in my house via a switch. I want them to be able to access the internet via the wifi access point but to not be able to see or access the devices that are already connected to my net work via the rounter and access point that are already in place in my house.

Ok, this is then controlled by the router

What is the make and model of the router?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My router is an intellinet wireless 150N 4 port Router. In case you need to know the switch is a TP Link TL-SG1005D Gigabit Switch


I checked the specifications and it does not have a guest network (which is what you need) so on this router it is not possible.

But you want it just so the people cannot see your computers correct? As they wont be able to connect to phones ect.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I want it so they cannot see my computers, external harddrives, wireless printer etc.. I don't quiet understand what you mean when you say "As they wont be able to connect to phones ect"


I also have another router Netgear Wireless-G Router WGR614 that I could use instead of the intellinet

ok, They wont see smartphones connected to the wireless, that is what I meant.

But for the rest, it will not work Mark, as your router does not support a guest network.

The DLink DIR-825 does this via a Guest Zone and allows you to specify to only have internet and nothing more.

This video shows you how it works

But you need a router that provides Guest wireless functionality.

The Netgear does not do this Mark

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It I was to buy the Dlink where in my network does this get connected?

As I said I have run a Cat5 cable from my house to the apartment as the WIFI range does not travel far enough

It will be used as the wireless access point in the apartment, and you set up a Guest network which they connect to.

Also Mark, I see the question we worked on before

but after all the time we spent getting it up and giving you the instructions to export your emails, you never rated me, why was this? As I am not compensated for the work unless you rate me.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok I understand now. But what would happen if they connected for example their computer by cable to the access point?


My apologies for not rating you before but I tried to do so but it said it was closed and I was unable to do so. I assumed it had been closed on your side, I was unaware you needed to be rated before you were compensated if I had know I would have pursued it further with Just answer as you were very helpful to me after the idiot I had used before hand resulted in me losing a lot of my data.


I clicked on the link you sent and the same error keeps coming up. It tells me that I need to enter my credit card details, which I do (even though I am on an unlimited subscription) and then it just stays on the payment processing page but does not proceed any further



I have sent an email to customer service explaining the problem. Hopefully they will fix the problem and let me rate you


Update 2.

I do have a router that allows guest setup. It is a belkin wireless n router. I am currently using this as an access point

ok, setup the Guest network on the Belkin Mark, and have the people connect to it instead of the normal wireless.

Then they do not have access to any computers or devices on the network.

Let me know the results please
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Richard,


I have tried that but it would not switch on the guest wifi for some reason.

I have attached 2 pictures. The first shows the guest switched on and the second shows the home status page and it is marked as disabled.


Also I asked a question on my last response "But what would happen if they connected for example their computer by cable to the access point?"

Attachment: 2014-06-26_105516_belkin_router_security_page.pdf

Attachment: 2014-06-26_105546_belkin_home_status_page.pdf



I have contacted belkin and they have informed me that the Router cannot switch on the guest access is DHCP is disabled which is disabled when the Router is operating as an Access Point only. I asked them do they have another product that can grant guest access when operating as a access point and this was their response


"No. We do not have that feature. The concept of the Guest network is to provide wireless connection to guest users without allowing them to access your devices and files which is using the main wireless network. If the router is using and the router will provide diffewrent IP address to restrict them on accessing the main network. And the router can't do this if DHCP Server is disabled."

They will always be able to access devices if they connect via a cable.

If this router cannot do Guest Access Mark, you will need one that does as I recommended.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This would not be very good for my privacy.

Is there anyway I can split the network? E.g. setup 2 networks. Maybe split the broadband.


Update on the laptop question. I cannot access the question without making another payment. I am currently arguing with Customer support as they are refusing to compensate you. I am on an unlimited subscription so I have asked them why they now want me to pay more money

No sorry, as your modem does not support VLan, which creates separate networks.

Its one Modem, so one network. The Guest access will work via wireless, but not via the cable.

Maybe lock up the box?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Locking it up while possible would be a last resort. How could I setup a vlan

Your router does not support it, so you can't do this Mark.

One like the Draytek Vigor 130 Modem/Router does it.

Then you set up a separate network for the people using it.

This would replace the main router, then you connect the current access point to the seperare VLan you created.

Richard and 5 other Networking Specialists are ready to help you

I am going to opt out of working with you.

In relation to the last question and the work I have done on this one, I believe you can understand this.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am disappointed that you have felt you needed to do that. I thought I had fully explained what happened in relation to the last question and it was not my fault and I didn't know you had not been compensated. If just answer will not compensate you for answering my question last october I will be cancelling my subscription and will not use this service again.


Thanks for your help