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IT Miro
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I have devolo 2 x Highspeed Homeplug adapters (dLAN HS Ethernet

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I have devolo 2 x Highspeed Homeplug adapters (dLAN HS Ethernet II) for up to 85Mbps PC networking & internet access extension over my existing household power circuit. I is working perfectly with my iMac and Sony TV. I recently purchasd from ebay an additional adapter but cannot get it to connect to my household circuit to allow me to use my apple lap top. Anything I have looked up on line tells me to download the relevant software to add the third adapter but the software is no longer available from devolo! Can you help me to add the additional adaptor?

Hello! I am IT Miro and I will assist you on this question.

You can add more dLAN adapters using software that is still available on devolo web page.

Please click on THIS LINK to access it. Under Software dLAN® Software section, select dLAN Software for Mac OS X to download it.

Start it and the software will guide you through the installation of another dLAN adapter.

If there are problems, let me know.

IT Miro

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

IT Miro, Thank you for your reply. Your suggestion, "dLAN Software for Mac OS X", does not progress things for me. I do not have a devolo CD to install the software nor can I access the dLAN network using the dLan configuration wizard. The Devolo site indicates that support for Devolo dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II is no longer available. Help!


Please click on THIS LINK to download dLAN software for Mac used for adding new dLAN adapters. Once downloaded, start it (the file is named dLAN Setup Assistant) and follow the instructions.

I tested it on my computer and it looks like this:


So, as you can see it can search and help you add new dLAN adapters.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Miro, I have made some progress on dLAN assistant. I get so far on the process and the system seems to stick. It has been stuck at 'enter network password' for over 1 hour. Have you any further suggestions?

That should be the password ***** to encrypt the communication between dLAN devices, which you probably had set when setting up the first two dLAN devices.
So, enter that password ***** order to continue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Miro, The position I am at at present is - when I get to the screen headed, "Add further dLAN adaptors" I am invited to enter the security ID, which I do, I then click on "Add" the response that I then receive is,

"The dLAN device was not found", "No dLAN device with this security ID was found in your network". I have checked and double checked the security ID on the adaptor. The dLAN MAC number on the adaptor is also correct with the screen verification. I therefore cannot progress to add the additional adaptor. I am grateful for your assistance and patience but despite this I have not achieved my objective. I am at a loss as to how to progress this. I await your further comment but subject to that I feel that there is no point in continuing.


The security ID is located on the bottom of each dLAN adapter. You will need to enter the security ID of the adapter you want to add.

Here is what a manual for dLAN says:

1. Use the included network cable to connect the dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II to the network port of your running computer or other network device

2. Plug the dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II into a wall socket

3. Once you have connected at least two dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II devices, your dLAN network has been set up. To protect your dLAN network individually from unauthorised access, you should first write down the security IDs of the dLAN devices. This unique identifier of each dLAN device is located on the label on the housing. Then, continue with the configuration of your network as described in Chapter 3, 'Security in the dLAN'.

Download the manual on THIS LINK and run the set up again.

So, you need to connect the third device with your computer first, run the software (dLAN Setup Assistant) and the device should be detected.

I hope this helps!

IT Miro

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