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Omer, Network Administrator
Category: Networking
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On seemingly random days, or periods of a few consecutive days,

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On seemingly random days, or periods of a few consecutive days, both my ipad 2 and iphone 5s are unable to connect to my company's wi-fi network. There is usually a short, sometimes very short, attempt to connect and then the message 'Unable to join the network XXX'. I have tried restarting both devices to no effect. Can you suggest why this might be so and what remedies might be available?
Omer :

Hi and thanks for using Just Answer a paid global support site.

There could be quite a few issues that could prevent this access

1) Depending on the type of wireless your company uses and the amount of devices able to connect you might run into an issue where there simply isn't any more room to connect another device on the wireless router

2) Your devices and the wifi may also have a remembered connection to a specific IP address that your device is trying to reuse and someone else picked up while you were out of the office. On your ipad and iphone try go to wifi and forget the network, then re add the network to your device

3) Depending on the security settings on your wifi system it could be blocking certain apps or require your device to reregister with a controller, this would be something an IT person at your office may need to look at to check (again this depends on if you have a controller)

4) Are you the only one having the issue? Its possible there could be a general issue with the wireless access point and more than just you are affected


Thanks Omer. Thoughts:


1. Probably not as this morning I was the first person in the office


2. I have tried this. No joy.


3. By controller, do you mean an individual or something in the software?


4. I have heard anecdotally that other people have occasional similar issues - but not always on the same days!

Omer :

for 3 depending on your wifi, you could have a server or company controlling software that handles the connection these are usually managed by your IT group but run on their own

Omer :

It terms to number 4 any chance its a distance from the wireless device?

How close are you located towards the access point?

Omer :

Also sometimes on work wifis there is an access page you have to sign into.

So once you connect you then login to a web page to get access is this something you have ever had to do?

Omer :

Do you happen to know what type of wifi hardware your company is using? It might help diagnose the issue

Just let me know the answers to the above questions and we can continue working on this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, it is not distance as I have tried moving right next to the access point. And also there is no login web page as you suggest. I don't know the hardware details although I could check on Monday. Also we have an outsourced IT firm who work with our company and I understand they are also in next week, so I could take this up with them as well.

Yes I would definitely have them check it out.
Thanks for the answers on the questions just wanted to rule that out.
One thing to try when you do have issues have you tried restarting the access point?
We are a wireless ap at one time it was geared more towards small office/home use that we setup just for our conference rooms and every once it a while it would stop allowing certain connections and we had to reboot it before it would allow everyone to connect.
Definitely worth a try to see if power cycling the access point lets you on the wifi.
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