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RandyNetwork Tech
RandyNetwork Tech, Network Administrator
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how do I manually install bt infinity plz

Customer Question

how do I manually install bt infinity plz
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  RandyNetwork Tech replied 3 years ago.

Hi, my name is***** will assist you.

Setting up: step-by-step

Step 1: Getting ready

Check the email or letter that BT sent you when your order was confirmed to find out which day your BT Infinity starts.

On that day, you will get an email or text to let you know that your broadband is ready.

Leave your current Hub or router plugged in and wait until your broadband service stops working before doing step 2 below. If you want to do step 2 before you get your email or text, that's fine, but your old broadband will stop working for 30 minutes while your new service is activated .

Step 2: Unplug any existing broadband kit

1. Remove any existing micro-filters, power supplies, Hubs, modems and wires. For BT Infinity to work at the fastest speeds it’s important to use the new Hub 5, micro-filters and power supply unit that BT sent you.

2. Connect your new Hub 5 directly to your phone socket using the broadband cable (the one with the light grey ends) and a micro-filter (if you need one). Make sure you connect your Hub to the Broadband side of the socket (as shown in the diagram)

BT Infinity self-install set-up

BT Infinity self-install set-up

3. Assemble the power plug (by sliding the two parts together), connect the power cable and switch on at the socket

4. Press the Power button on the back of the Hub to turn it on

5. Wait a couple of minutes. Coloured lights will flash while the Hub finishes a self-test routine and sets up your broadband. A steady blue light means your broadband's ready to use

If the light doesn't turn blue, carry on to step 3 and the Hub will help you fix things.

Step 3: Connect to wireless

1. Connect each of your devices using the wireless details on the card on the back of your Hub. Look in Wi-Fi settings on your device for the matching BT Hub shown under "Wireless SSID ". Do not connect to BT Wi-Fi.

2. When your device asks for a wireless key or password, enter the ‘wireless key’ written on the card on the back of your Hub.

3. If you need help with your device, see: How to set up a wireless connection

BT Infinity self-install set-up

2. Or if your device supports WPS, press WPS to connect automatically. For more help setting up wireless on mobile devices, have a look at the BT Home Hub 5 Information and troubleshooting guide

Step 4: Set up your devices using Smart Setup

Smart Setup will help you get your broadband and extra services up and running on all your devices. To use it, just open your device's web browser. It only takes a few minutes and will make sure that all of your devices are set up properly.

When you've finished, log in to My BT.