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Russell H.
Russell H., Internet and LAN
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after downloading Windows 10 my keyboard will not respond.

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after downloading Windows 10 my keyboard will not respond. I am notified that my computer is offline. Hos do l Get past my log-in to make a system restore?
, thank you . I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

If you had undocked your computer from its keyboard/base - if it were that kind of computer - then the problem would be solved, by re-docking it. But I would guess that's obvious enough.
If that were so, also, you would need to go to the Action Center and click/tap once on the 'Tablet Mode' button to turn Off the Tablet Mode.

But as it is, I would guess that this is what you need to do:

Boot up into Safe Mode as follows:

- from a powered-Off state, turn the computer On, and immediately press the F8 key, once or twice a second, until the text-only Safe Mode selection screen appears, with a highlight bar across it.
- then using up and down arrow keys, move the highlight bar to Restore System or similar option. Hopefully it will be present, even with the Windows 10 preview installed.

If it isn't, you may have to boot up with a Windows disc and do a restoration of the system from there... but be warned that such restore operations may (some of them) involve erasure of your disk and all data on it. So consider backing up all your data before doing so.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tried turning on computer and pressing F8 but l get no response from my keyboard. Still receive message that computer is offline. I have no Windows disc. Have tried connecting external harddisc and restarting machine with no luck.

What computer (by maker and model #) do you have Windows 10 on ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Samsung 152 laptop

I do not know of any key combination that might have disabled the keyboard, model of laptop under discussion.

It is possible that the keyboard simply 'died' coincidentally. But even if that is the case, I advise you to try a USB (external) keyboard first... see if that works. If even that doesn't work, then either Windows 10 is utterly incompatible with keyboard operation on your model... or the laptop 'broke,', badly.

There is the issue, of course, as to whether you can still use the mouse / trackpage / touchpad - can you? if so, check to make sure that Windows 10, when you boot up (if you still can boot up) is not in Tablet Mode. If so, switch it out of Tablet Mode, and see whether the keyboard then works.

Also... you might try booting up off a LiveCD or other bootable CD disc... and see if, so booted up, the laptop's keyboard now works.
- if it does work on a different bootup, then you don't have a broken laptop/keyboard, but rather an incompatible/'broken' operating system, that will need to be restored or reinstalled to something workable.
- if it doesn't work on a different bootup, then Windows 10 is not the problem, the laptop's hardware has gone defective in some keyboard-disabling way, and the laptop will need to be repaired (or, replaced... or, a USB or other external keyboard used.)

I would be interested to know which of the possible problems it is... I would suspect Windows 10, which is very much a 'beta' release as yet, but I am not certain of that yet.
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