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Viet - Network Tech
Viet - Network Tech, Computer Support Specialist
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how do I attach my canon mg4250 printerto my chrome book

Customer Question

how do I attach my canon mg4250 printerto my chrome book
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Viet - Network Tech replied 2 years ago.

Hello Brenda! Thank you for your question. I am a licensed network professional with over ten years of experience, and I will be assisting you today.

I'm sorry about the issue. Is this a new printer, or was it working previously?

Are you able to go to the WLAN Setup menu on the printer and connect it to your wireless / wi-fi network name?

Besides the Chromebook, do you also have a windows or mac computer? If yes, is the computer able to print to the printer via wireless connection?

Please reply at the box below. Thank you.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

my old desk top computer is on its last legs I have got the printer attached to that computer via the disc but as that is dying I want to attach my chrome book I had a previous printer of the same model which after much difficulty was attached to my chrome book. unfortunetely this broke during the guarantee period and it was replaced by a new one last October by this one I have taken the previous printer off the book


Expert:  Viet - Network Tech replied 2 years ago.

Sorry about that. Yes, this can be complicated to setup as it involves a lot of steps. I will walk you through all the steps:

STEP 1: Connect the printer to Wi-Fi / wireless.

- On the printer, press the Home button, then go to the option WLAN Setup, then follow the steps there in order to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi / wireless network name.

Please click on the website below for full instructions / illustrations:

, there, click on "Standard Connection Method" first, then follow the instructions.

If successful, it should show "Connected to the access point." Only when it's successful, then please continue STEP 2 below.

STEP 2: Setup Cloud Print.

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Press the [Home] button [MASTER] Picture_PIXMA MG4240 Google Cloud Print Setup home button

  3. Use the arrow keys to display [Web Service] then press the right function button to select it.

    [MASTER] Picture_PIXMA MG4240 Google Cloud Print Setup Right function button
    (The function buttons are beneath the LCD display).

  4. Using the arrow keys, select [Web Service Setup] and press [OK].

  5. Using the arrow keys, select [Cloud Settings] and press [OK].

  6. When [Google Cloud Print Setup] is displayed, press [OK].

  7. When [Register with Google Cloud Print] is displayed, press [OK].

  8. When [Register this printer with Google Cloud Print?] is displayed, select [Yes] and press [OK].

  9. Select your preferred display language for the print settings of Google Cloud Print and press [OK].

  10. Press [OK] to print out the authentication page. Please ensure that you have loaded an A4 sheet of plain paper into your printer.
    The authentication page should now print and your printer will ask if the page was successfully printed. If it was, select [<Yes>] and press [OK]. If not, select [<No>] to reprint the authentication page.

  11. On the printed authentication page there will be a unique URL website for your printer in the location highlighted below. Go to this website on the Chromebook.
    [MASTER] Picture_PIXMA MG4240 Google Cloud Print Setup Authentication Page

  12. To register your printer with Google Cloud Print you will be asked to log into your Google Account using your Google e-mail address and password. Make sure to enter the same gmail email address that you are currently using on the Chromebook. This step must be completed within 14 minutes, if you cannot complete this within 14 minutes you will need to repeat steps 1-10.
    [MASTER] Picture_PIXMA MG4240 Google Cloud Print Setup Sign In Page

  13. Once you have registered your printer with the Google server, the following will be displayed on the screen of your printer:

    [Registration with Google Cloud Print completed.
    Your email address
    Printer name
    Canon MXxxx series_xxxxxx”]

    Press [OK] to finish the registration.

  14. Press the [Home] button to return to the home screen.
    [MASTER] Picture_PIXMA MG4240 Google Cloud Print Setup home button

Now you should be able to print on the Chromebook via Google Cloud Print.


When you are available, please click on the Reply to Expert tab below, and reply back to me, so we can continue. Thank you,