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James Dwyer
James Dwyer, Computer Support Specialist
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I am an accountant in practice. I am looking to provide a "drive"

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I am an accountant in practice. I am looking to provide a "drive" that I can share with Clients that they can access with read/write capability.
The "drive" I refer to will be one physical drive rather than a drive per client. The intention is to allow access via VPN or any other means to a particular folder on that drive.
It is important that this is not a "Cloud" solution of any sort, i.e. I do not want to offer a service where the files are synchronised to a server and down to multiple machines. I want to ensure that when a file is worked on by Client and Accountant the file is exactly the same version of that file.
It is also important that a Client cannot access any other area of the drive other than the specified folder.
I'm interested to know how (if at all) the above scenario could be achieved.
ok simple enough, first question do you have a website? this could make things MUCH easier, if not do you have a static IP address where you will be building this repository?
Ok I have researched this project, IF you have a static IP address the project will be free, other than what this question costs. if you do NOT have a static ip address it will be an additional $10 a year to have an address your clients can connect to from the outside world. as far as setting up the project it shouldnt take more than about 15 minutes total, barring any internet holdups. I will need to connect from remote to do the job. I can flex the remote price down to $15 and you will be in business in minutes.
James Dwyer
MCP- Owner On The Move Computer Services
Would you like to get this project done and out of your hair today? I'll make myself available until you are satisfied, regardless of time (shouldn't take much of yours) and on the budget I stated before.
I'll be around for a few hours
I was just thinking of your single pool drive for all of your customer data, problem with this is Microsoft allows 3 kinds of security to be applied to a directory, 1: Read Only 2: Read Write and 3 None
Now seeing that the users will be uploading that requires Write, which comes along with READ of everything in the directory. not much security for the other clients in the box. what I recommend is a username/password ***** to a virtual box for each customer, note I said virtual, it kind of looks like one of those grid mail holders at the post office, single access on one side and multiple access on the server side, which, would be you. Sound like a plan? also I really need to know if you have static or dynamic IP, aka is this a business building (not always true) or is it residential?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi james. sorry for my delayed response, i am in the uk and ive been out for the evening.

i think your last response hits the nail on the head. i am looking to have a physical drive split into many virtual drives. the disk i have in mind is on a fixed ip but on the network of the office building i rent.

does that situation fit in mind with your proposed solution?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Relist: Answer came too late.
sorry that took so long, dinner hit me
if you are sharing an IP with a building, do you have access to the router? if so it will be simple as pointing 1 port to your storage server and getting someone kind (like me) to point the DNS at you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi james thanks for the response. I already have a VPN set up direct to the box that I have in mind but that gives me access to the whole drive (which I want) so I have the IP, and a password ***** the router in the building points me to that box.

I appreciate your offer to set it up for me but I have to be careful of course with live data. Is there any way you could explain or show me how to set it up without having to access that box directly?

absolutely, the machine in question is a 7 box?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi James, yes. The box i connect to is just running Windows 7 Pro.

ok I am going to make you a video of the process so you will feel comfortable with it, its pretty much just installing and configuring a program
I am sorry,I had 4 live ftp programs running as services and I had to fish them out for this to work. be just a couple more mins
do you happen to have an older machine lying about looking lonely? if so I got a GREAT idea for it
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

i have a laptop i've recently replaced that I can set up on the network at the office.

ok, you will need a big drive for that, or an external, Windows does not like the idea of quotas, or ftp (which is of unix/linux origin) if you have an external drive which i think is what we were heading towards earlier, we can make this work slick as silver
1: go to scroll down and click PC (Intel x86) server install image its 578Mb so it will take a minute
next do you have a blank cd or usb drive?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

i think I have a blank USB knocking around that will fit that on it yes. Are you wanting me to create an image / drive to install that product onto spare computer?

yessir, that product is Ubuntu Linux Server, its born to be a file storage rock, with the quota stuff and the file transfer stuff, and security too. just FYI with Trinity Rescue Kit on a usb key I can walk up and blow away ALL passwords in ANY windows box, not so with Linux

The concept we are going to use is "cloud" but you own the cloud and it lives in 1 machine on 1 quota'd hard drive

this keeps the users from having access to the actual operating system as they won't be Linux Users

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks James. I will have to try that on Monday as the other machine is back in the office building. Thanks!

well if you would like Ubuntu makes a live cd, boots from cd, doesnt install anything, just so you can get a feel for it

Another option, is VMware Player, it creates a virtual machine, any flavor os in a window on your machine, it even asks you how much drive to use you could run your file server virtual..

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