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Russell H.
Russell H., Internet and LAN
Category: Networking
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Experience:  11 years work with Internet/IP, routers, networks, servers
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Just installed new superfibre and new router. Now everytime

Customer Question

Just installed new superfibre and new router. Now everytime I switch on it reads safari not available and I have to answer a series of questions which ask me to select my location and then my port configuration and the wireless net either DHCP or PPPoe then it reads new something detected. finally it tells me there's nothing wrong and up comes my hotmail page. NEW SUPERFAST ROUTER IS MUCH SLOWER THAN THE ONE IT REPLACED
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Russell H. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Is your computer an Apple computer? I presume so, if it uses Safari as the browser.

What you describe - the selection of location etc. DHCP etc. something detected etc. - sounds as if your wireless configuration has changed and has not been saved, or needs to be changed and saved.
What I suggest is that you manually re-connect to the new wireless router - once - going through all those steps, and choosing the option to save the new configuration. After it is saved, you won't have to go through those steps again.

The steps to do that depend, of course, on whether you have an Apple computer, or Windows PC, and what version of the MAC OS X (or Windows) it has on it.

Let me know, please, and I will instruct you further. Thanks.