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I have a complicated network setup but haven't found a simpler

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I have a complicated network setup but haven't found a simpler solution.
I have a ASUS RT-AC87U Wireless Router - AC 2400, Dual Band, connected to a modem and my sonos system connects the whole house with Devolo adapters providing the network connection via the sonos ethernet ports.
Everything works fine for a day or two, but then will stop working. Im assuming there is an ip conflict somewhere but I dont get a message saying this. If this isnt the reason, why does everything work for a while and then stop working? And how do I fix it?
Hi. My name is***** you for your question and the opportunity to assist. When things stop working what steps do you have to take to get everything going again?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have to reboot the routers (I have a time capsule storing the music for sonos as well) and each of the devolos and if i do that everything seems to work.

I haven't been able to narrow down which bits are causing the issue though. Its not the case that things stop working once I switch the devolos on (for example) - everything works for a while, then stops. Sometimes, hours sometimes a day or two later.

Hmm. Is the time capsule a client of the Asus (does it get it's IP address from the Asus) or is it handing out IP addresses on the network?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ive set the time capsule to extend the network provided by the Asus router.

Every connection, devolo or timecapsule, has my network name (La Chesnaie) set so i can connect anywhere in the house. That might also be the issue, but again everything works for a few hours or days and then stops working.

Thanks. Since you have an Asus router, as do I, you can set it so that the router permanently assigns a single IP address to each device based on it's MAC address. Asus makes this pretty easy. Log in to the router and click Lan from the vertical menu on the left.Click DHCP Server from the horizontal tabs at the top.Toward the bottom of the page go to the Manually Assigned IP section.Click the arrow under the MAC address column and select a device and then click the + sign to add it to the list.The attachment is what it looks like on my router. I don't know if this will fix your issue but at least you'll know it's not caused by an IP conflict.
Make sure to APPLY the changes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK great, that sounds like a great solution. As you say, if that doesnt work, at least Ill know the problem lies elsewhere.

Many thanks.

Let me know how it turns out.
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