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If I use a 4G dongle to connect my computer to a betting website,

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If I use a 4G dongle to connect my computer to a betting website, can that site detect and identify the 4G dongle?
Does that dongle have some sort of identifier, so that if I was to connect a different computer to it and then access the same betting website, would that betting website be able to identify the same dongle being used?
So I guess I am asking about the identifiable properties of 4g dongles and are their unique identifiers detectable?
Hello and thank you for choosing simple answer is YES. The 4G dongle has a UNIQUE idetifier, and like ALL network access devices, it has a MAC number, that is Uniquie to ONLY that device..Can the betting website DETECT such a MAC number.....again the simple answer is Yes......but only if they wanted to, and there are ways of SPOOFING or masking your MAC. However in a 4G dongle it is MUCH harder, as you need access to the LOW LEVEL code, to change it. And the 4G dongle im 100% sure is protected from this procedure..Does that help?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok, so is there any way to prevent the website from getting this mac identifier, perhaps to somehow protect it?

You can, requires access to the LOW LEVEL code in the 4G dongle. And because the dongle was MADE and issued by a service provider, they LOCK the LOW LEVEL code. SO it cant be changed..However, you can use a PROXY website, which will hide ALL YOUR network information, and you dont need to change anything..A proxy's ONLY job is to hide your REAL network information. It what folks use to download illegal files..Here is a WELL KNOWN Proxy site..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, proxy sites don't work with They have detection software that prevents you logging into the site. So I need to access using different log ins but not so that they can link the accounts. I have 2 different PCs connecting via different adsl lines, but I need more unique connections.

What do you suggest?

Wait, you have 2 different ISP accounts? 2 seperate ADSL lines? And 2 seperate Modems?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes absolutely. I am a betting professional. Have placed an order for a third connection. Hence the reason for seeking professional advice.

Alrighty....i let me get this straight....lets give some variables some names..Lets call your internet connections ISP-1, and ISP-2..And lets call your accounts on the betting sites Account-1, and Account-2 (could be more, but this is good for now).So, you are trying to login to the betting website on ISP-1, with Account-1.....and everything works.....yes?.But, when you try to login to the site with Account-2, on same ISP-1, it wont let you....stating that only 1 account is allowed PER computer?.Also,, when you try to login from the ISP-2, with still wont that right?
Also, i wne to the BET365 website, and viewed their terms of service..It turns out they only want customers to have 1 account, and if they find MORE than 1, they will treat it as a JOINT account..They also require that the NAME on the account MATCH the name on the credit/debit card being used to add funds to the account..If you are using the SAME computer across the different ISP's, then THAT may be what is causing it to fail. The site may be taking information about the actual computer hardware. And if you want to use the HAVE to comply. So this is going to be quite tricky......i think the ONLY way you will be able to accomplish this is to keep ALL identifiers seperate..By this i mean......on your will have a computer DEDICATED to ONLY use ISP-2, and Account-2.And on ISP-1, and have another seperate computer, to only access Account-1..I mean keeping the cables completely seperate....never shall the 2 computers be on the same network......the networks are hardware are kept ISOLATED and PHYSICALL and LOGICALLY seperate..So you basically have to have the WHOLE setup....from ISP down to the actual machine kept seperate..Its very hard for anybody to KNOW exactly HOW they are identifing and catching folks who are breaking the TOS, by having more than 1 account. There are so many ways to do it now......especially since they dont allow Proxy's.Another idea would be to use REMOTE DESKTOP..By remoting into a FAR AWAY computer, and THEN logging into the betting site.....THEN the traffic for the site would dead end at the remote PC..Like if you remoted into MY computer....or maybe your friends computer..Maybe strike up a deal with some a computer at their house connected to the internet......doesnt need a monitor or mouse or anythig.....because you will be remoting into it, and then logging into your additional accounts..This would be a sure fire way to get in.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Am already using VPS's to connect to various bookmakers and that system has worked well for many years. Unfortunately bet365 now detect a "managed" connection and proxy connections and the site does not work when you attempt to load it up or login.

Am well aware of their t&c's as have been using them for many years.

The question I want to focus on is providing an alternative to unique ISP + unique computer.

Are you able to suggest anything further?

No sorry, that would be the extent of it..Its hard to know what counter measures bet365 is using to be able to block, and keep folks in compliance with their t&c's..You are up against a whole team of people whose job it is to keep you from logging in multiple accounts..Best of Luck to you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok fair enough. Last question - I will therefore be buying laptops regularly and re selling. Can you recommend any range that are reliable and hold their value reasonably? Obviously, they all lose money in time and I know apple products hold value well, however, they are expensive.

None of the Windows based PC's hold their value well..THE ONLY products that hold their value well, are Apple particular the Macbook PRO models..Windows based PC's......the best that hold their value are the Surface Tablets.......and the Custom Built Gaming Rigs..Please take a moment to rate my performance.
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