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I have been trying to uninstall programmes on my computer.

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I have been trying to uninstall programmes on my computer. Several went very easily, two refuse to go, specifically - Bthome hub and Amazon kindle. When I click onto uninstall on these programmes they appear to be uninstalling but are not and if I attempt to uninstall another programme I get a message - please wait untill current programme is finished. I left Amazon kindle running like that for 2 days and it did not change. ?.
I think that, when a program is being difficult about being uninstalled, the first thing to try - that might possibly help - is to restart your system in Safe Mode, as follows:

With the PC completely shut down and turned Off (for at least a minute, to allow the circuitry to settle down), turn it On or press the power button, and then immediately start pressing the F8 key at the top of the keyboard, about once or twice a second, until you see an all-text screen with a highlight bar across it and some menu choices, at the top of which list of choices you will see
Safe Mode
- bring the highlight bar up and onto that choice, then press RETURN or ENTER, once.
The PC will boot up in Safe Mode, a reduced-quality simplified version of Windows. From this mode, log in as usual (and, since you want to do uninstalling of programs, logging in to a Windows user name that has full Administrator privileges would be most advisable)... and go to
Start - Control Panel - Programs etc.
and select the program to uninstall, then Uninstall it.

See if that makes a difference, it should.
If it doesn't work, note carefully and fully the exact error message or other message associated with the failure to work properly.

If it works, restart into the normal mode of Windows to resume operations as usual.

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