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Phil. O (Sanman)
Phil. O (Sanman), Computer Support Specialist
Category: Programming
Satisfied Customers: 8
Experience:  Areas of expertise in batch scripting & Web Site creation
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I want to run a command in the cmd prompt using java but it

Customer Question

I want to run a command in the cmd prompt using java but it won't run it. Any takers?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Phil. O (Sanman) replied 4 years ago.

Phil. O (Sanman) :


Phil. O (Sanman) :

Just a quick thought but did you open the cmd box with administrator privledges, as this could cause your cmd not to run.?

JACUSTOMER-x5utz8p4- :

hi. no i didn't but i got something working earlier without admin privileges but dont have the code for it anymore. should i use the process builder method?

Phil. O (Sanman) :

To do this right click on the CMD icon, and select Run As Administrator.

Phil. O (Sanman) :

Can't help on the Java process i'm afraid, was just offering PC advice.