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AssignmentBreak the encrypted file you have been given.

Customer Question

Assignment Break the encrypted file you have been given. Marks will be given for a clearly argued explanation of how you go about breaking the code as well as for correct identification of the key and recovery of the plaintext. The task will require bit-level programming, a basic appreciation of encryption concepts and a little independent thought. Encrypted File You all have different files to decrypt. Download your own file from the ‘Encrypted Files’ folder, it is named according to your student id. The encrypted binary file has been base64 encoded so it can be downloaded safely as a text file. The files are encrypted according to a permutation Cipher for which the algorithm is published as both C and Java code on BlackBoard. The key is 8 bits long and each id corresponds to a different key. The plaintext is also different for each file. Report Submit a report containing a clear explanation of how you broke the code and the value of your broken key. Append printouts of any utility program you wrote to help you do this.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Programming