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, basically I am required to create a binary tree program.

Customer Question

Hi, basically I am required to create a binary tree program. A set column of data is to be read in from a csv file directly into the binary tree node using the stoi string to int conversion parameter. I have done all of this, however my main struggle is now getting the program to a point where it is able to traverse the integers in order, can someone help?


my code for my program is as follows;

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

struct tree_program { //class for the tree program
int grademark; //declaring the integer based grademark variable
struct tree_program * right, *left; //declaring right and left pointers
typedef struct tree_program node; //declaring node which is where the integers will be assigned

void insert(node ** tree, int values)
node *data = NULL; //names node as data initialising as NULL = 0
if (!(*tree))
data = (node *)malloc(sizeof(node)); //memory allocation of data node
data->left = data->right = NULL; //traversing the left and right subtree
data->grademark = values; //grademark = the values being read in from the Data File
*tree = data;

if (values < (*tree)->grademark) //values on left nodes from grademark values
insert(&(*tree)->left, values); //inserting values into tree
else if (values >(*tree)->grademark) //values on right nodes from grademark values
insert(&(*tree)->right, values); //inserting values into tree

void print_tree(node * tree){ //prints all the items which the root points at
if (tree->left != NULL) //null meaning nothing to print left is free
print_tree(tree->left); //prints left appointed values
printf("%d\n", tree->grademark); //prints the root item which is the grademark values
if (tree->right)
print_tree(tree->right); //prints right appointed values


void deletetree(node * tree) //deletes tree values
if (tree)
deletetree(tree->left); //selects left node values
deletetree(tree->right); //selects right node values
free(tree); //clears values from tree memory

class GradeMark //created new class for reading in grade marks
std::string const& operator[](std::size_t index) const
return m_data[index];
void readNextRow(std::istream& str)
std::string line; //string is declared as line
std::getline(str, line); //program then gets line using istream

std::stringstream lineStream(line);
std::string cell; //strings declared as variable cell

while (std::getline(lineStream, cell, ',')) //read line by line whilst cells split by commas
m_data.push_back(cell); //gets rid of unwanted information by pushing back cells
std::vector<std::string> m_data;

std::istream& operator>>(std::istream& str, GradeMark& data)
data.readNextRow(str); //reads next line of data until no data is present looping
return str; //returns string

int main()
cout << "Tree Data\n";
std::ifstream file("DataFile.csv"); //opens the data file where fstream reads it in CSV file
GradeMark row;
while (file >> row)
{ //where row[0] are student names, row[2] is grademark
int data = stoi(row[2]); //stoi is the function used to convert strings to integers

node *root; //node declared as variable root
root = NULL; //root is NULL = 0

insert(&root, data); //calls data from "int data" calling the converted string

print_tree(root); //Printing nodes of tree
deletetree(root); //Deletes all nodes of tree

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Programming