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Have tried IT Miro in the US and got nowhere with my

Customer Question

Have tried IT Miro in the US and got nowhere with my problems. So I am now trying the UK Branch. I have a blue screen problem (seems also to involve internet explorer.) Long distance chat is not practical with a PC that is reluctant to start - is it possible for you to take control of my PC to effect a repair? (this was done for me in 2012 for a pc set up problem) Correspondence to date just had a win 7 blue stop screen yesterday. Looks like internet explorer maybe involved also, as each time I manage to get a few minutes working time, the icon bottom right has a yellow exclamaition mark, and I have to attempt trouble shoot but does not resolve the problem permanently. Need to address this problem first before we attack system failure or we will not be able to communicate. thanks Allan XXXXX *****@******.*** XXXX XXXXXX Optional Information: Language (or Software): Other Already Tried: 1. I did a system restore for a windows update 2. I used my Turbo PC program twice to clean up the system 3 I removed and reinstated iTunes. First ver installed from a link (never good). Second copy downloaded from Apple site 4 I Ran Norton internet security, it found 2 low risk nasties (scan took about 3 hrs) in "safe mode" Read more: The yellow explanation mark you mentioned refers to Windows Updates. It could be that one of the installed Windows Update is causing this issue. Do you have Windows Updates enabled by default? Read more: I Have windows update set to notify me, and one is waiting to be (re-)installed following the system restore. Do you want me to install it? Read more: In case the blue screen returns, we can easily identify that update and uninstall it and exclude from installing again. {tried that last night did not work Allan} Read more: Router icon still showing yellow triangle but have cleared it is there any way we can communicate via iPad, so I don't loose you? Read more: Please restart the computer and see if the problem will return. In case you see that yellow triangle, please click on it and let me know what it says. Read more: Just had 3 blue screens after each other, at the moment holding off any more. Stop: 0*0000000A etc Read more: What's happening Miro? Please close account now Thanks Allan Will try the uk branch Read more:

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  technicalcat replied 3 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using this service,

If you turn off your computer, and then turn it back on, about how long does it run before it blue screen?

Are you able to see any error or code on the blue screen?