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I am unable to send or receive emails. Am getting a message

Customer Question

I am unable to send or receive emails. Am getting a message to say that this is because I have entered incorrect password XXXXX several occasions. I did request to change my password XXXXX the system doesn't seem to recognise either of the ones I thought were correct. However, since I cannot receive emails, I have been unable to read the reply. I feel the problem is probably quite simple. Can you help?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Cris replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for contacting I am Cris. Sorry to hear about your issue, can you tell me what email service you are using?

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mainly Windows Live Mail and also have a Hotmail account. Messages have been received on both of these two.

Expert:  Cris replied 4 years ago.

If you did not change your password, you cannot log in, and when you try to change your password, the security questions are unfamiliar and/or incorrect; your account may have been compromised by a hacker.

Compromised accounts are at an all time high due to viruses and low complexity password which can be easily guessed by the hacker.

I will list a view different options you can take to recover your account.

Try to reset the password using the link, click on forgot password and attempt

Click here>>> Forgot Password

If the reset options do not work then you will have to fill out the Windows Live Account Recovery Form. This is the only alternative solution offered by Microsoft for a free account. Since there is no billing info on the account they unable to validate your identity over the phone and do not offer Live Support. The form will require you to give them a contact email. This will be a secondary email you have access to, Microsoft will then send you a reply about your account to the contact email. If you don’t here is a link to open a free Gmail account.

For the recovery form,
click here>>> Windows Recovery
Make sure to fill out as much information on the form as you can. The billing section is left blank since it’s a free account.

It will take a few days to process your form. However you will receive a response and if you provide enough detailed information you should recover the account. Once you have submitted the form you will be provided a PIN and website. The PIN is for a temporary account on the Microsoft private forum site. It allows you to discuss the account in question with their support team. You can ask questions about the account and check the status of the questions and form. It’s a support ticket through their Windows Live Solution Center.

Once they have reviewed the form they then send you instructions on how to regain access to the account to the alternate email you provided on the form.

It may take a few days to process your request, but you will get a response and if you provide enough detail, you should be able to recover your account.

Basically, just follow the steps and fill out as much information as you can and they should be in touch with you. They will give you a pin number and then a link to a private account/forum. Write down the pin number when it is given to you and keep this in a safe place. You'll need the pin to enter the temporary account that will be created for you. The temporary account means they will setup a private forum where you can discuss the compromised hotmail account with their support agent. Your answers to reset or recover the hacked hotmail password or account will be stored in the private forum. You can return to the forum to check the status of their investigation. It's basically just a support ticket through a temporary Windows Live Solution account.

Once they review all the information they will send you instructions on how to regain access to your account to the alternate email address you provided.

This is the ONLY thing you can do. They should answer in 1 or 2 days, but many users have reported that it may take at least a week to get a reply. I understand the frustration but please do it as soon as possible. It's a lot of waiting time, but it is the best they can do considering the tens of thousands of people this happens to, and unfortunately Microsoft does not have phone customer support for Hotmail issues, and sorry to say, it's the ONLY way to get it back.

I understand that this answer may not be entirely to your liking, and I regret being the bearer of information that you really don’t want to hear. But it would be unfair to you and unprofessional of me were I to provide you with anything less than truthful and honest information. I hope you understand that following the above steps is the only way to get your account back...

Please reply back to me with any further questions or concerns BEFORE selecting a negative rating. I will answer your follow ups.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have managed to change my password, and have received emails from outlook and hotmail. I will need a little more time to see whether my livemail is allowing me to send and receive. Can I get back with a rating when I have managed to confirm that all is OK? Thanks

Expert:  Cris replied 4 years ago.

Sure no problem at all.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have followed your instructions and taken note of the fact that you said it may take some time. In the meantime, I have opened a gmail account as you suggest and received gmail info. I wonder if the following is relevant: I can call up both my hotmail and talktalk inboxes and can therefore read all emails received before yesterday (presumably they are stored somewhere on the system), but I cannot send or receive anything further. In other words, I am being denied use (is this access to the server?).


Is this how you have interpreted my problem from the beginning and should your instructions therefore help me?

Expert:  Cris replied 4 years ago.
Emails which have downloaded from the server from Outlook you can pull. However without a correct password Outlook cannot connect to the Hotmail server to pull down any new emails or you cannot send any new emails.

So yes the instructions I provided you was to fill out the Windows Live Recovery form. The problem is there is no free live support for free Hotmail users. There is no billing info to validate your identity so they rely on the form which is reviewed.

The form can take a few days sometimes before you receive a response. At the contact email you provided when filiing out the form you should have received a email. With info on how to check status of the form. There is a private forum link as well as a PIN to enter.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I hope that you gain access to your accounts soon!
Expert:  Cris replied 4 years ago.

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

If in the future you have any further questions please save my site profile. So you can reach me directly.

Let me know,