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I want to watch Netflicks with a lead from my laptop to the

Customer Question

I want to watch Netflicks with a lead from my laptop to the TV but when I try to switch the TV to external outputs the PC option is not highlighted so I can click on it.
The TV is Sony model KDL32EX438 and the laptop is Acer Aspire One with a VGA cable, as this laptop does not have a HDML port.
Please can you help?
We did manage to do this in the past, when my husband was alive, but have now lost the original lead and the knowledge how to do this.
Gill Hailstone
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Hi my name is Jeremy, I would like to assist you with your question. I am an expert here on in the computer field.

How are you doing today?

I am so sorry to hear about your husband

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I'll be here to assist you in any way I can.

It sounds like 1 of 2 things is the issue.

1) The Acer is not outputting to the TV (which is an easy fix)
2) It's possible the VGA cable has gone bad.

Let's try this

Connect the VGA cable to the Sony TV

Connect the other end of the VGA cable to the Acer.

Once they are both tightly secured

On the Acer locate the Fn key and the F5 key

These keys are used to activate the TV out on that laptop

To do that

Hold down Fn while holding the Fn key down press the F5 key.

Look and see if the PC input is available on the Sony. You may need to power off the Sony and try again.

It does take a few attemps with FN+F5.

If that does not work I would replace the VGA cable. You can buy a replacement at Radio Shak, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

If you need any further help I'll be here to help in any way I can

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Also if you need any computer help in the future, you can return to this chat anytime day or night (I am online from 9am est until at least 11pm est every day of the week)

Thanks again for all you patience
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your reply but I am afraid the FN + F5 plan does not work. The VGA cable is a new one but should I try an alternative? Are they all the same or should I look out for a particular type?


Gill Hailstone

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Gill the Fn+F5 should work, there is an alternate way of doing this though. What does the cable say on the package?

Let's do this

Right click your desktop and choose graphic options then output to and choose Monitor+LCD

Take a look at this video to see the exact steps visually

(Click the link above to open the video)

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Let me know if that does the trick
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, this is Gill's son Nick.

I've tried the above. There is no LCD option on the netbook model that we have. There is one called Monitor. I've tried this. The TV initially still didn't recognise it, but I've forced an option on the TV so that it at least shows something.

I've set the output to projector, which seems to be the highest resolution and largest screen size available, but it is still not full screen on the TV. Also, there is no sound and the picture on the TV lags quite a bit.

The netbook model is Aspire One 533.

The VGA cable isn't very tightly secured into the netbook as there is nothing to screw the cable into, but I don't think it's a slightly loose connection that's the issue.


Thanks - Nick

Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the update Nick! That does sound like it could be an issue.

Did you try to manually adjust resolution

To do that

Hold the Windows Key (looks like a flag on the keyboard) and press r

In the run box type in desk.cpl then push enter

See if it let's you move the resolution up.

I am suprised the Fn and F5 does nothing as I have an Acer one myself and use it for my kids TV to enable VGA out?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, that just opened up the same resolution adjusting screen that I had been using though. It's on the maximum that I could work out, which is sending the signal to a projector, which is the majority of the TV screen but not all of it. Every time I press Fn and F5 the TV says "unsupported source, adjust your pc output", though it still shows the picture. The TV blocked the picture entirely until I forced through the signal on the tv instead of leaving it at the default position of only letting you select the option when it recognises the source.


There is still no sound except for that out of the netbook itself. This is probably the biggest issue as we can probably live with a slightly smaller screen if need be.



Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Ah! so it's almost as if the resolution may be too high.

Try this. Try moving the resolution bar to 800x600 or 1024x768 on the eeePC then try FN+F5 once again. Seems like the TV does not like the higher resolution.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unfortunately although that gets rid of the note on the tv saying that it's an unsupported source, it now only uses a fraction of the screen, and there's still no sound.



Expert:  Jeremy replied 4 years ago.
Try playing with the resolution until it looks normal. A VGA cable won't carry sound over. Do you head a headphone jack to RCA cable you can connect to the TV?