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Kamil Anwar
Kamil Anwar, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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My Slingbox

Customer Question

I have great difficulty connecting to My Slingbox and when I do succeed, the connection breaks down in some 15 miutes. Please advise.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 4 years ago.

cvd4311 :

Please do not RATE until you are completely satisfied. When rating please RATE 4 or above.

Sounds like your capacitor it going out. Take off the cover to your slingbox and you should see a capacitor or two and replace them. You will have to soldier them back on. Radio shack usually has them if you have one close to you. Here is a website that should walk you through how to replace them: If your slingbox is under warranty it will void it so before you start taking off the cover make sure you are still under warranty and you can call slingbox (877-go-sling).

cvd4311 :

I see that you are dissatisfied with my service. Is there anyway I can find out why and what I can do to help you. This is what I have found out about your problem. Did you try the above to see if that worked?

JACUSTOMER-aljlt4wc- :

I cannot imagine that the capacitors have gone out as the system was ony installed in July this year. I believe my problem lies in the ability of my dongle at 3G is not sufficient to employ Slingbox successfully. Do you agree?

JACUSTOMER-aljlt4wc- :

I don't understand your system. I type a reply and it looks as if it ha come from you!

cvd4311 :

Something is going on if it looks like the reply is coming from me, sorry about that.

Have you tried this:
Make sure you Internet connection is strong and is not losing connection.
Try restarting your sling box. To do this press the reset button and let it go immediately (it is on the back of the box). When both red lights come on the front of panel then your slingbox is ready. Also try restarting your router while you are restarting your sling box. Just unplug router and plug it back in to reset it or push the reset button.

Also try re-configuring your sling box by going to this website:

If that doesn't work you can try replacing your dongle (it might be bad) but 3g should be sufficient to carry the sling box successfully.

It also could be that your sling box is defective and made need to be replaced. You are well within your warranty if you just had it installed this pass July.

Keep posted if any of the above works.

cvd4311 :

Just checking to see if my instructions above have worked or if I can be of more service. Keep me posted by replying to this post. Thank you.

JACUSTOMER-aljlt4wc- :

I am not inthe same place as the slingbox so cannot press the reset button as you suggest. Is it possible to reconfigure the slingbox from a remote location?

JACUSTOMER-aljlt4wc- :

Can you answer this question?

cvd4311 :

If you can remote into your computer you can reset your slingbox. Wherever your slingbox is located and if you can log into your computer remotely then you can remote in and operate it and make changes. If you do not have it set up this way you can not do it until you can set it up. It can also help you make any changes you need to make in your router setup or your Slingbox setup easily after you have set up your computer to go into it remotely.

If you haven't did remote setting onto your computer where you slingbox is located you can try to get someone to reset it themselves until you can set up your remote settings for your home computer or where ever you have your slingbox at.