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nate009, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Computer
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Experience:  I am a qualified professional IT engineer, i have a lot of experience with Windows machines and some Mac
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I have just purchased a licence for a Computer Check-up. Unfortunately,

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I have just purchased a licence for a Computer Check-up. Unfortunately, I was unaware that I had to record the installation-key numbers. When I was asked to enter them, I could not, therefore, do so; nor could I go back. When I clicked, to obtain another, the link would not open, but froze the computer, thus compelling me to switch off at the base. So I shall be charged for a program that will not work, because it is only partly installed. (This has caused me much waste of time, and also frustration.)

Please will you retrieve the situation for me.

My e-mail address is:[email protected]

nate009 :

Good afternoon,

nate009 :

would you please be able to tell me where you purchased your computer check up from?

nate009 :

if payment was made to a company for licenses they will still have your payment on file so they would be able to provide you with the keys you purchased, depending on the company you may have to contact them yourself as they may ask security questions relating to your purchase that an expert cannot answer.


Dear Helper,

I am sorry to have taken do long to respond; but I have been busy with various tasks, struggling with work on the compter among them.

The checker was free; but the thirty days' trial has been given for a `follow-up' fault remover from Iolo. Subsequently, AOL has sent me a key (which I have written!). I would still have find how to enter it. It is probably reasonable to assume that there would be a prompt so to do.

The strange thing is that when three or four messages appeared on the screen - difficult to read among the icons - the background changed from blue to white. The solution appeared to be to udr thr cleaner. Surrisingly, it worked without the licrnce key; but about a third of the icons disappeared, allegedly into a folder; but I know not where it is! If everything continues to work, I shall not lose too much sleep over it.

A further problem has arisen, Some problem affecting the working of the apparatus compelled me to restore to an earlier date. As the available date preceded thr date of the importing of the cleaning program, the latter was lost. Since, according to the IT record, I have the program on trial, the Company's System will not allow me to re-import it. until the expiry of the trial, and thr cancellation option will be available. So, my need for a computer clean is likely to be unmet. Actually reaching someone, to obtain a no-doubt simple answer - which, for anon-IT matter, the local supplying shop would give instantly and without charge, as a part of customer care - is like trying to break into a bank.

Sorry; but what do you think about this muddle?

Yours sincerely,


nate009 :

Hi Roger

nate009 :

dont worry about the time its taken to reply, ill be here to help when your ready

from what i understand your still having difficulties obtaining a licence for the program you purchased, correct?

who did you purchase the software from, AOL?

have you contacted their customer support to try and get a different license key? if you cant enter the license you were given it will show up on their system and they will be able to give you another license to try

have you tried uninstalling the application and re-installing it to see if it will allow you to enter the key you were given?

sorry for all the questions its just that im trying to troubleshoot your issue

what is the name of the software they gave you?

personally from experience buying software from an internet provider is never a good idea as its not software they created rather they are selling it on behalf of another company as a way to make extra money, however some times the software is pretty good (when it works!)


Dear Nate009,

I was unable to open the answer, when last sent; but I have, in fact, just done what you thought to be necessary. I found a free-call number for AOL (from whom I agreed to purchase the `cleaner' licence). A very helpful lady dealt with my call, and offered to re-send the program - which has been done. If I follow the instructions carefully, all should be well.

It was made clear that I can telephone free, at any time that I need help. So I am feeling somewhat relieved.

Yours sincerely,

Roger X-X.

nate009 :

thats good to hear Roger, let me know if you get the program working

nate009 :

have a good day

nate009 :



Thank you, Nate. It is difficult tomake a


Thank you, Nate.

nate009 and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you