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Wes, Consultant
Category: Computer
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Hi Wes, what is your response to my imput? Who else is monitoring

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Hi Wes, what is your response to my imput? Who else is monitoring this , that you are aware of or not aware of, I was of a mind to provide input of ideas innovations with Google, can you phone me on 353 XXXXXXXXX
Wes :

I'm afraid we don't do telephone support. Please respond back via your original post at

did you need additional assistance?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Wes, my visions from The Sacred Heart of Jesus, recently, and years past, show me what is really going on in IRAN...... and what IRANS real Agenda is, Any suggestions on who might want to know, like proper intelligence gathering.... Drawings of what was shown to me? it would open there eyes, Kind Regards, ***** ***** p s, P5+1 do not know how to negotiate that is why Heaven shows me, IRANS Nuclear program is to start WW3.. but prior to that, terrorize the Middle East and Europe in thought and DEED.. Till it gets to the point, "Buttons" are pressed,....

Hi Michael, I'm afraid most intelligence gathering organizations do not consider visions actionable intelligence. However, if you are speaking in metaphor and have something you believe to be truly actionable, you could get in touch with MI5 at 0800(###) ###-####or(###) ###-####9000. You can also send an 1800 character message to MI5 via this web page: Or, you can send post, pictures, etc... to them at The Enquiries Desk PO Box 3255 London SW1P 1AE

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