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arsufi2002, Computer Support Specialist
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hi- im trying to connect my kindle to lap top/wi fi i am entering

Customer Question

hi- im trying to connect my kindle to lap top/wi fi
i am entering the correct wepkey but it wont connect
thanks norman
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 4 years ago.
Welcome and thanks for your question.

I'm Todd and I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve your problem.

Please note that electronics troubleshooting is not always easy and sometimes I will not be able to find solution for your problem immediately, so if my first answer does not resolve your problem or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD SERVICE or POOR SERVICE (that will result in a permanent negative feedback on my record - very damaging for me). Please use "Reply to Expert" button instead.


Sometimes your Kindle can be unresponsive (won't connect to wifi) and keep you from using the device properly (the most important reason for this issue can be glitch in the software). If there is no hardware issue on the device, some of the solutions below should resolve this issue.

Please follow the steps below to reset your device:
1. Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 35 seconds.
2. After 35 seconds, release the power button.
3. Wait 2 minute, then turn on your Kindle.
4. Test your Kindle (try to connect it to wifi)

Please try this procedure at least 3 times.

If the previous procedure doesn't work, perform the procedure below:
1. Disconnect the power cable from the wireless router (turn the router off)
2. On your Kindle - Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 35 seconds.
3. Allow up to 3 minutes for the Kindle to reboot.
4. When Kindle reboot, turn on your router and wait 2 minutes.
5. After 2 minutes, try to connect your Kindle to wifi.

Be sure that wifi password is correct. To check the wifi password on your computer please follow the steps below:
1. Click the wifi strength indicator on the taskbar at the bottom right corner of your computer.

2. Right-click on your wifi network name, and select "Properties".

3. Select "Show characters" to display the wifi network password.

Please try both solutions (step by step) and let me know if that works.

If none of those solutions works or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD service or POOR service. Reply to me using "Reply to Expert" button and I'll provide you with the next step.

Kind Regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi i have tried what you told me- but no luck to date


Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 4 years ago.
Hi Norman,

Thank you for your reply.

If none of previous solutions works there is probably hardware issue on your Kindle. But, before my final answer, let's check every possibility to be sure it isn't something wrong with the software.

On the wifi list, tap and hold on your wifi network. When pop-up appear select "Forget". Reset your Kindle (35 seconds procedure). When Kindle reboot, open wifi list and select your wifi network, enter the password and try to connect your Kindle.

If that doesn't help please provide me with the model of your Kindle (Fire, Fire HD, Paperwhite etc.), so I can suggest you the next troubleshooting step.

Please keep me updated. I'll be waiting for your reply.


Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 4 years ago.
I have seen your conversation with my colleague.

I have a suggestion. I have seen peoples getting into trouble when they use WEP as wireless security mode. I suggest you to change this to WPA-psk or WPA2-PSK modes.

Please check if it solves by this method.

If you still have trouble after changing wireless security mode, you may set wireless router without a password, so that every one can connect without a password. Now check Kindle connects this way.
(You can set wireless key on router after doing this)

Let me know the status

Note: All wireless devices that's currently connected to router gets disconnected once you apply new wireless key.