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Richard Hill
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Hi, My ebay "Watched Items" page is playing up. A couple

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Hi, My ebay "Watched Items" page is playing up. A couple of days ago it started not responding to basic tasks like 'remove item' or 'view similar items' etc.

At the bottom left hand corner of the page it says "Done but with errors on the page".

Can anyone help.

Kind regards, Mike.

Which version of IE are you using?

Which anti-virus programme do you have?

Have you tried another browser such as Google Chrome? (better than IE in my opinion)

If not you can download here:

Best Regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Hi Richard,


First of all I will answer some of your questions. I am not very literate with computers, as you soon see.Smile

I am using IE 8.


The antivirus is MS Security Essentials.


I have just installed Google Chrome as my browser, but the same problem is there.


One message that came up was "I.E.Script Error" code 0.


On the Ebay Watched / Purchased pages, nothing happens if I click More Actions, or Buy it Now etc.


I think the problem could be ebay itself, but I've tried to find an email contact to report it, but only phone lines seem to be available.


Please let me know what your opinion is.


Many thanks & kind regards,


Mike Crump. Blairgowrie, Scotland.




Hi Mike,

I just tried XP and IE 8 myself - I have a similar problem with my Watch List. As mentioned Google Chrome works fine for me - can you try re-starting and just using Google Chrome from the beginning in case IE has 'upset' something.

Looking at the technical forum on ebay others do seem to be having various problems with IE, so it's probably an ebay problem.

Best Regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Hi Richard,


Sorry for the delay, but got called out to a nasty RTA.


I tried shutting down & restarting in Google, but just the same.


Can you advise the best way to contact ebay to report this problem.



Kind regards,







Hi Mike,

TO contact ebay select Contact Us from the drop down under Help&Contact at the top of the screen, then select one of the options under my Account. You can either select Call Us and you will get a number to call or use the Chat facility.

Best Regards,

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