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Engineer Hamid
Engineer Hamid, Computer Enthusiast
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Experience:  BSc Computer Science, MTA, A+, MCP, MCTS, HP ExperOne.
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Engineer Hamid :

Hello , my name isXXXXX have 13 years of hands-on repair with pc and mobile repairs. I will be happy to help you.

Engineer Hamid :

Can you please tell me what is in the content of the email that is being downloaded is it usually plain text or attachments too?


Mostly it is plain text but occasionally they contain attachments. When I access the site it shows that downloads are in progress but these don't show up on the site and I cant find any sign of them anywhere on my device

Engineer Hamid :

No problems,
Just to further help me to assist you can you please answer the following:
1) How experienced are you with using the Samsung device? (It's so I can understand that I will go with the steps in a more customised way with yourself)
2) Have you tried connecting it to wi-fi? If yes, does it still state downloading ?
3) Thirdly, Have you tried to remove the email account and reinstall it?

Best Regards
Eng. Hamid


1) I have only recently purchased this device


2)&3) The answer to both of these yes all to no avail

Engineer Hamid :

Right ok, Thank you for helping me with the answers.
May I know which email providers you are with e.g Gmail, Hotmail etc?


My provider is

Engineer Hamid : Hi
Engineer Hamid : thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I will have to opt out of this question and allow another expert to answer this for you within the Mobiles section. There isn't anything you need to do and it shouldn't be long before an expert replies to this question. ( they will have access to view the above conversation we have had to eliminate them from asking)

thank you I'm shutting down now

Engineer Hamid, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 8
Experience: BSc Computer Science, MTA, A+, MCP, MCTS, HP ExperOne.
Engineer Hamid and 2 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Greetings. I'll try to shed as much light as I can on to this.

Based on you saying (they aren't on the site either), I suspect your phone is actually downloading and removing from server. This is normal behaviour for the pop protocol, I would delete the account from your phone, send yourself a test email within tesco and be sure that it's still receiving mail properly.

If you wish to continue using Tesco set the account up again, choosing "other accounts" from the phone and when you get to the choice between pop3 and imap. Choose IMAP which is a mirroring system other than pop. The mail servers are: for incoming, and for outgoing. Then finish the account creation and let it sync up.

Now, as for Tesco itself. Their mail servers are garbage, lack support, and to my knowledge they don't even have a relaying device which means you're going to have issues using your tab 3 ont he road (it won't be able to send email, unless its connected through your actual tesco broadband connection).

Here's what I recommend.

Set up a gmail account (for free), and route tesco mail through it. The gmail account will act as an in between, handle all the grunt work, offer all the latest protocols and such, and you don't need to change your email address (but you should, using an email address with an ISP is dangerous, if you ever cancel that internet service, you forever lose your email as well).

Furthermore, gmail will work perfect with your android for obvious reasons (google is a droid product afterall).

It's a little tricky to set up but I'll guide you through it. This will need to be done through a computer, easiest way.

First set up a gmail account.
Choose your email address and password XXXXX'd like.

Sign into the gmail account once finished. Once you're there. Click the gear icon on the top right. Click settings.

On this new screen, click the accounts tab.

About halfway down you'll see pop3 settings (add accounts to retrieve email from).

Click Add a pop3 account you own

Put in your tesco email address, password, etc. If it asks for the server it's

Once it's attached it will start retrieving your email from tesco (you can set the option to leave email on the tesco server as well, which I recommend for now). If you want to continue using Tesco's servers as your sendmail and the tesco account, about the "add a pop3 account" is a send mail as account and you can set your tesco up that way and I make it the default send address. I would recommend using the Google Servers to alias it when given the choice in the wizard. The outgoing server for tesco is I believe it's still port 25, but it could be 465.

Lastly, on both of these "additions" in gmail, it will have to confirm that it's ok to do so it will send a verification email to your Tesco account each time that you'll need to click to allow.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns or you need additional help, simply reply. If you're all set, please remember to rate the service I've provided below. Thank you