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Kamil Anwar
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UTM solutions have grown ever more popular over recent years

Customer Question

UTM solutions have grown ever more popular over recent years and increasingly being deployed in modern networks. Write a report of around 5000 words that cover the following: Is there an industry wide specification of what features a UTM device is supposed to have? Support your answer with suitable examples of specific products. Identify situations where UTM deployment is not required. Explain how a server could be configured to have the same feature set of a UTM. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it this way? Explain in depth the purpose of why different UTM devices have different hardware with respect to CPU, RAM and network interfaces. Discuss the costs that relate to managing running a UTM. Give current real examples (where possible) and in £. Explain with the use of your own diagrams, examples of good vs. bad UTM placement within a network topology for different sized networks. Describe computer based attacks that a UTM would not protect you against, explain why they can’t protect against it and describe countermeasures of how you would solve them. work needs to be referenced clearly where necessary



Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer