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I have just purchased a Hewlett Packard with Windows 8. But

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I have just purchased a Hewlett Packard with Windows 8. But I need help as I cannot re arrange my pictures into proper sequence. Previously I was using Windows XP and it was easy to Drag the pictures into whatever order I wanted. I have put a date on each one now but sorting by date does not work. There are two groups "A long time ago" 65 off and four earlier this year. The earliest dated from 1920 to present time. Please help an old man of 88 who finds it difficult to get used to Windows 8. Thank you. John

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It seems you just enter date as file name and its true it won't work as we think. Because it works in alphanumeric way which means it sorts by characters.


If you want to sort pictures by date, please do as follows

1: Open Picture folder

2: Simply Right click (don't click any files) > Click Sort by > Click Date

This sorts pictures by date..

See image


To confirm whether system has sorted correctly,

1: Open Picture folder

2: Simply Right click (don't click any files) > Click view > click Details

Check out its sorted by date

see image


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have received the same answer to my request for help on Monday 14 April as on Saturday 12 but unfortunately does not enable me to rearrange my pictures in the sequence I would like for a slide presentation i.e. dates from 1920 to 2014. With my previous P.C. Windows XP I was able to drag the same pictures into required sequence but when I purchased a new Hewlett-Packard Windows 8 my supplier transferred a number of programmes from the original unto the new one but not in the same sequence. I hope this information helps you to give me a satisfactory answer. John McClelland.

Could you mention two or three picture filenames ..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello . Here are four file names associated with the pictures I want to re arrange as discussed on 14th April. 2014.

1. Jan. 1920. Mother & Father.

2. March 1950. Wedding.

3. Dad & Liz. 1990.

4. Twins. 2002.

Hello John,
Thanks for writing back

As i told you earlier, system won't simply arrange files according to year if something is added before date. It just arrange in alphanumberic.

Say you have mentioned four files which are associated with the pictures

1. Jan. 1920. Mother & Father.
2. March 1950. Wedding.
3. Dad & Liz. 1990.
4. Twins. 2002.

So what happens when computer arrange by name?
You will get files arranged this way
1: Dad & Liz. 1990
2: Jan. 1920. Mother & Father
3: March 1950. Wedding
4: Twins. 2002

Just explaing how computer make this arrangement. Computer will check the first character of all files on this folder and arrange it in accending order.
So D (Dad) comes first than J (JAN) than M (March) than T(Twins)

You know computer won't arrange according to year although year is mentioned on the file.

So what can we do so as to make computer to arrange by year?
Simply rename filename which start with year.
1: 1920 or 1920 Jan Mother & Father
2: 1950 or 1950 March Wedding
3: 1990 or 1990 Dad & Liz
4: 2002 or 2002 Twins

When you rename files in this way, you will get all arranged according to year.
Hope you got the idea..

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have now carried out your latest instruction in relating to changing all the captions below my pictures (all seventy of them) to show the years first.

Despite doing this task and right click outside the images and sorting by date I still have not been able to rearrange my pictures as previously with Windows XP programme. This is to enable me to present a slide show from the early date of 1920 > 2014. What more can you suggest? Is it that the dates are going back too far? Could I delete all the dates and images and start again with only numbers say 1 to 70 > get into order and afterwards add the details and captions.

Hello sir,
Do you mind cheking your system by remote So that i can better show how thing goes

Waiting for reply
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello. Thanks for still trying to help me with my problem. I don't quite understand what you mean by checking my system by remote but I am ready to try anything. Are you going to contact me by phone to make a time to view my pictures, as I do not have the computer switched on all the time. You could also arrange a time by e-mail and I will be ready.

MANY THANKS John [email protected] or telephonae. XXXXXXXXXXX.

Could you check the modified date of same five pictures in windows Xp and Windows 7 computer. Check both of them shows same date or not.

Please update status
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have no means of checking the dates of the same five five pictures in XP and Windows 7 computer as that model has been scrapped although all transferred to Windows 8 but I do admit that many of the original pictures did not have a date at all. It was only when you advised me that it was necessary to re arrange according to the date that I put all of them into correct sequence starting with 1920 up to 2013. Please tell me if there is anything further I can do to put them in order for a slide show. John.

Thanks for update.
Now we have the answer. Since pictures doesn't have date at all, sort by date doesn't work. So the next available option is sort by name. We have already discussed about on previous posts.

I regret to say that you need sort them all manually as there is no options. Just a reminder - sort by name sorts files by alphanumberic sequence.

Please let me know if you need further help. Please feel free to ask.