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How do I reformat a TVonics HV 250 set top box, disc space

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How do I reformat a TVonics HV 250 set top box, disc space is full ie 2000hrs +, but will not allow reformatting using pass code 0000 supplied

boxfrederick :

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boxfrederick :

does it give you any errors when you try your reformat

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes reformating failed

Are you using the format option from the settings menu of the hddd or are you trying to perform a full reset of the system which also reformats the drive
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have tried both of the above, formatting failed; disc locked

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have tried both of the above, formatting failed; disc locked:

current message reads:

The hard drive is unformatted.

Try to resolve this initially by turning mains power off and on.

Do you wish to format the disk ?




This will delete all recordings

Are you sure you wish to format the disk ?




Enter PIN




Formatting of disk failed.

Playback and recording will not be possible




TV screen goes blank, box still active, select any channel returns to TV, but no access to Library

Ok this may sound odd but im pretty sure your psu is going out, its well known on those box tops to do this, you can try a few things.

1.Power down and unplug your psu let it cool down for a few hours and then try again.

2. You need to purchase a new psu or refurbished, the box top is very specific about required power levels and just a thousandth off will mess the whole system up.

LInk for replacement psu

Thank you let me know if this solves your problems. Dont worry I have personally seen this same problme with dozens of these units, always ends up being the power supply or psu.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok thanks will try this and leave feedback tomos, I don't think this will solve the formatting problem: the psu is connected to TV via old style ariel connection, not cable or satellite, purchased when Birmingham/Central region went digital a couple of years ago.

I assume the drive uses the same principal as a computer hard drive, in that; deleting files or recorded TV programs only gets rid of the address, not the data file: hence 2000hrs + showing as recorded in library, but only 9hrs actually recorded ! What I need is a PIN code that will work, to enable reformatting; 0000 does not work !




0000 is the defualt code unless you changed it at sometime. you can try this but it seems your hdd is having power problems these are all symptoms of that. When I say Power supply i just mean the little power adapter box that connects power to the box top.

Either reformat the entire player and then retune the channels or,put unit into standby mode from on mode, completely disconnect power from the mains(the main power plug to the top box). Leave the unit unplugged for atleast one minute before connecting again to the mains.

Again I recommend a new power adapter there only 10 dollars so its worth the try and I have seen it work many times.

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