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It looks like Windows live mail crashed. My inbox was restored,

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It looks like Windows live mail crashed. My inbox was restored, but items in my sent box are all gone as are several folders I had created in which to store certain emails. A message had flashed up on my screen stating that Windows Live Mail was re-installing (think that was it) and the green line zoomed across. When I later wanted to check my mail, the above is what I discovered. Losing my sent box and the other folders I had created is bad news for me. How is this to be prevented in future?
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If you had the email account setup as IMAP in Windows Live Mail, everything would be synched with your account for everything. By everything synched, if you had a Gmail account setup in Windows Live Mail and you deleted an email, it would delete the email from If you had it setup as POP3, a deleted/sent email in Windows Live Mail, it will not show up in

So in your case, if you had it setup as IMAP, it would have synched the Sent folder after Windows Live Mail crashed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It is POP 3. My service provider has already said it is not them.


You asked how to prevent it in the future -- Change from Pop3 to IMAP when setting up the account within Windows Live Mail.
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