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Randy Computer Tech
Randy Computer Tech, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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modpmeldo1100. electronic display device

Customer Question

modpmeldo1100. electronic display device
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 3 years ago.
My name is Jason. I look forward to helping you today.
May I ask for the full brand and model name of the device, as well as what your problem is?
Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

electric display device. modeld01100.specwlan80211d/g.when using menue button on kindle shop screen goes blank.all other buttons are ok.

Expert:  Jason Jones replied 3 years ago.
I have run out of ideas.
For this reason, I am opting out of the question and allowing another expert the chance to help.
I wish you luck,
- Jason
Expert:  Randy Computer Tech replied 3 years ago.

My name is***** will assist you.
I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
Try this on your Kindle please>

  1. Press and hold the Power button for a full 20 seconds.

    After the first 6 to 8 seconds, the screen will go blank, which is normal. Continue holding the Power button.

  2. After the 20 seconds, release the Power button.

    The charge indicator light will turn on after a few seconds.

  • Then>>> connect to Wi-Fi >>>>follow these steps:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu button.
    2. Select Settings, and then select Wi-Fi Networks.
    3. In the list of detected networks, select a network to connect to it.

      If your Wi-Fi network and router support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), your Kindle will detect it.

      If you don't see your network in the list, you need to add the network manually.

    4. If the network is protected by a password ***** WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), enter the password.
      • Password—Enter the password,
  • Enter the characters of the password ***** the onscreen keyboard.BE SURE TO ENTER THE CHARACHTERS EXACTLY, AS THEY ARE CASE SENSITIVE, UPPER CASE AND LOWERCASE(CAPS AND non caps)
  • If you need help locating your password ***** me know.
  • Then Tap Connect.
  • In the future your Kindle will automatically connect to the network that was most recently used.