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i cannot remember my password

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i cannot remember my password
Hi there,
What can you not remember the password *****?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have just come back from Portugal and stayed in the hotel eva in faro

I never had to remember my password ***** I bought it , I am at an age

61 where my memory is a little off. the receptionist at my hotel down

loaded 2 separate times for me so maybe this has caused my kindle

to not be working , I just may have it under another password

thanking you breda

Hi Breda,
Is the password ***** your Kindle, or the Kindle book store, or for your wireless network, or something else?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

pete all I know is my kindle for reading books and down loading books

from and I also have apparently a browser. pete I really don't understand

much , I am not of the computer age.

thanking you


Hi Breda,
If you cannot remember the password ***** your Kindle, you can reset your password ***** regain access. Resetting your password ***** delete all content on your Kindle and you'll need to register your Kindle again from the Settings screen before downloading items from your Kindle Library on
To reset your Kindle if you don't have the password:
Slide and release the power switch on the top of Kindle to turn on the device or exit sleep mode.
Enter "resetmykindle" in the password ***** and press the enter key on the key pad.
Wait several minutes while your Kindle restarts.
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