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I am doing a spreadsheet for our business and working out costings

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I am doing a spreadsheet for our business and working out costings depending on a m2 figure.
I'm wanting to be able to enter a m2 number and be able to calculate to cost of the job depending on that figure. However the formulas for some of the materials etc change depending on whether the number of m2 falls between certain ranges, for example if the figure was between 0-50m2 it would be the m2 figure * 0.4
51-100m2 it would be the m2 figure * 0.2 and so on. My question is how do I put that into a formula?
Kind regards
Hi there,
You can put the ranges into a formula using a Nested IF function.
For example:
=If(A2 < 50, .4, IF(A2 < 100,.2,if(A2 < 150,.1,if(A2 < 200,.05,if(A2 < 250,.01,0.005)))))
This will check the m2 number and if it is less than 50 it will return 0.4
If not less than 50, then if it is less than 100, it will return 0.2.
If not less than 100, then if it is less than 150, it will return 0.1.
... and so on.
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