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Chris L.
Chris L., Support Specialist
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I cant read my e-mails.I dont know how to get them up on

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I can`t read my e-mails.I don`t know how to get them up on the screen.I`ve tried passwords but nothing works.Can you help?
Hello my name is ***** ***** certified computer professional with over 10 years experience. I will be happy to help you.

Can you please confirm for me who your email provider is, is it yahoo, hotmail, aol, gmail or someone else?

Is the problem that you do not know your password?

Please let me know so I can further assist.
Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris. I use hotmail. I thought I had used a correct password ***** when I did this it put up an old microsoft account under my old girlfriends name which was on my old pc. Haven`t been able to get my e-mails since july 23rd. I think I must`ve added my hotmail account to her old microsoft account she set up for me. Does that make sense to you? Graham

Hi Graham,

Exactly what happens when you go to the following page and enter your email address and password:

Let me know what happens after you click Sign In, does it say password ***** ***** or account doesn't exist, or does it ask you for a code?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It asks for a code.

Ok I just wanted to confirm. There should be a way out of this mess.

From time to time microsoft will ask you to confirm that this is your account by sending you a code. This can get complicated if you did not keep your account security information up to date.

Please read through the instructions before trying them so you understand what needs to be done.

When you arrive on the page that wants to send the code to you click on the arrow in the box and see if you have any other options to receive the code. If you do have the code sent there and then enter it on the page. If you do not then click the link below that says "no longer have access to these"

For this next part you will need to have access to email address to confirm that this is your account. If you do not have any other email account please create a free gmail at the following link:

Once you have an email address that you do have access to enter in the box on the hotmail page that asks where they can contact you.

Next you will receive an email to the address you provided and you must click the link in it.

You will then be told that your hotmail account will be locked for 30 days but you will still be able to access your mail and other services. All this means is that you cannot change your password ***** security information for 30 days. Choose to continue.

You may have to confirm that you just made the change to your account information.

When you make it to the screen that shows you your account information you should be all set. Just return to and you should be back into your mail.

If this is too confusing I can try and do it for you but I would need to know your email address, last known password ***** another email address that you can access.

Give it a go on your own and if you find you can't do it just let me know.


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