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Kriptokrit, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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my daughter bought me a kobo e reader 20 months ago for xmas

Customer Question

my daughter bought me a kobo e reader 20 months ago for xmas . sad to say i have never used it.
my friend called recently who has one, but was unable to switch it on . when plugged into charger from computer the boxes at bottom right are saying its charging but the red light never changes to blue !! only Kobo Read on !! help
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 3 years ago.
Welcome and thanks for your question.

I'm Todd and I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve your problem.

Please note that electronics troubleshooting is not always easy and sometimes I will not be able to find solution for your problem immediately, so if my first answer does not resolve your problem or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD SERVICE or POOR SERVICE (that will result in a permanent negative feedback on my record - very damaging for me). Please use "Reply to Expert" button instead.


Sometimes your Kobo can be unresponsive (won't charge) and keep you from using the device properly (the most important reason for this issue can be glitch in the software). If there is no hardware issue on the device, some of the solutions below should resolve this issue.

Please follow the steps below to reset your device:
1. Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 45 seconds.
2. After 45 seconds, release the power button.
3. Wait 2 minute, then turn on your Kobo.
4. Test your Kobo (try to charge it).

Please try this procedure at least 3 times (if you have leather cover or any other cover remove it).

If the previous procedure doesn't work, perform the procedure below:
1. Plug the Kobo into the charger for 5 minutes.
2. After 5 minutes (while still plugged in) press and hold power (slide and hold) button for 45 seconds.
3. Allow up to 3 minutes for the Kobo to reboot.
4. Test your Kobo (try to charge it).

Another solution for this kind of issue:
1. Connect the USB cable to computer (do not connect Kobo).
2. Hold the Power button for 20 seconds.
3. After 20 seconds while still holding Power button, plug the other part of the USB cable in the Kobo.
4. Leave the Kobo for 2 minutes and try to turn it on (hold the Power button for exactly 45 seconds).
5. Test your Kobo (try to charge it).

Please try all solutions (step by step) and let me know if that works.

If none of those solutions works or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD service or POOR service. Reply to me using "Reply to Expert" button and I'll provide you with the next step.

Kind Regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

tried 1st step 4 times and other 2 steps twice . everytime at end of step the blue light comes on and screen flashes as if opening up but 4/5 seconds later the blue light goes out and kobo is switched off again !! help !!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

did you get my no luck reply ? tried all 3 steps several times. the blue light came on and screen was flashing as if loading BUT 5 seconds later screen and blue light go out !!!

Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 3 years ago.
Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

Blue light on your device is a good sign. Seems that glitch in the software prevented battery to charge normally. Kobo reset resolved glitch issue but there is a low battery level. Please put your Kobo on the charge for minimum 2 hours (max 4 hours). If there is no hardware issue battery should charge properly (green should became green).

No rush, take your time. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

but kobo been on charge all night in case low !!! and red light on all the time !! but back on charge

Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 3 years ago.

Your Kobo was all night on the charge but there was a glitch in the software that blocked charging process. Now, glitch is removed, so battery should charge properly. Please put it on charge for minimum 2 hours (max 4 hours), I want to be sure if there is or there is not a hardware issue on your device.

If you are not satisfied with my help, please let me know I and will open your question for another Expert.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I had left it on charge for 4 hours I thought red/blue means charging mine is on red on charging I have tried all 3 steps again and every time i switch kobo back on, blue light comes on for 4/5 seconds while screen flashes as if loading then blue light goes out and back to " KOBO READ ON " screen any other words of advice AS NOT happy with my £13 of how to repair it
Expert:  Kriptokrit replied 3 years ago.
Sorry for delay John.

If none of the previous solutions works (the most important troubleshooting steps), I have good and bad news for you (please don't shoot the messenger).

Bad news is that your Kobo is defective. I have provided you with the all troubleshooting steps for resolving this kind of issue (resetting the software, force reset, USB charging). Unfortunately there is an hardware issue on the device that software troubleshooting can't resolve.

Your Kobo is out of warranty, so the good news is that Kobo Inc. does often replace Kobo out of warranty. At least they would replace it for less than the cost of repairing.

You will have to contact Kobo warranty support service at 448081780268 to arrange replacement.

Sorry I could not be of any more assistance, but there is a hardware issue that can't be resolved online.

Because you are not satisfied with my help and there is no online solutions for your issue (hardware issue on device) please use the link below to request refund - click here (your deposit will be refunded).

Kind Regards,