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I have a Kindle Fire (original version). It will no longer

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I have a Kindle Fire (original version). It will no longer connect to my BTHomeHub. I have wireless in the home.This happened earlier today for no reason. I have tried to reconnect but without success. Can you help?
Kind regards
Mike Hawkes
Welcome and thanks for your question Mike.
I'm Todd and I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve your problem.

Please note that electronics troubleshooting is not always easy and sometimes I will not be able to find solution for your problem immediately, so if my first answer does not resolve your problem or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD SERVICE or POOR SERVICE (that will result in a permanent negative feedback on my record - very damaging for me). Please use "Reply to Expert" button instead.
Sometimes your Kindle can be unresponsive and keep you from using the device properly (the most important reason for this issue can be glitch in the software). If there is no hardware issue on the device, some of the solutions below should resolve this issue.
Please follow the steps below to reset your device:
1. Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 35 seconds.
2. After 35 seconds, release the power button.
3. Wait 2 minute, then turn on your Kindle.
4. Test your Kindle (try to connect it to wifi).
If the previous procedure doesn't work, perform the procedure below:
1. Disconnect the power cable from the wireless router (turn the router off)
2. On your Kindle - Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 35 seconds.
3. Allow up to 3 minutes for the Kindle to reboot.
4. When Kindle reboot, turn on your router and wait 2 minutes.
5. After 2 minutes, try to connect your Kindle to wifi.
Please try both solutions (step by step) and let me know if that works. I'll be waiting for your reply.
If none of those solutions works or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD service or POOR service. Reply to me using "Reply to Expert" button and I'll provide you with the next step.
Kind Regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have tried both options but unsuccessful - authentication failed.

Thank you for your reply.
Is your wireless password *****? Do you have correct password ***** your wifi?
Do you have any computer that is currently connected through Wifi?
If yes, what is the operating system on your computer (XP, Windows 7 etc.)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not sure about first question but I do have a password ***** wifi, problem is Kindle will not let me input as key board does not appear when I try to set up connection (it odes for anything else).

I have a lap top connected through Wifi run on Windows 7.


Thank you for additional information Mike.
Because none of the previous solutions works, the next troubleshooting step will be to perform factory reset.
Don't worry, none of your books will be lost. All books are stored (and safe) on cloud.
For newer Kindle Fire devices use the procedure below:
1. Slide down from the top to the bottom
2. Tap "More"
3. On the Settings screen tap "Device"
4. At the very bottom you'll see the option, "Reset to Factory Defaults". Underneath it says, "Removes all personal data from your device."
5. When "Factory Data Reset" warning box opens up select "Yes".
For older Kindle Fire models use the procedure below:
1. Tap on the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the Kindle screen. Select "More..."
2. Scroll down until you see the word "Device." Select this by tapping on the screen.
3. Scroll through the "Device" settings menu until you see the words "Reset to Factory Defaults.". Tap that option.
4. Select "Erase everything." You will be asked if you really want to perform the action of resetting your device to factory defaults. In order to confirm your decision, you will need to tap on the screen over the words "Erase everything."
When done, if prompted de-register your device with the same Amazon account information and try to connect your Kindle to wifi.
Just in case, I'll provide you with procedure how to check your wifi password ***** your laptop. Here is a step by step instruction:
1. Click the wifi strength indicator on the taskbar at the bottom right corner of your computer.

2. Right-click on your wifi network name, and select "Properties".

3. Select "Show characters" to display the wifi network password.

Let me know if this helps please. I'll be waiting for your reply and happy to help with any follow up questions.
Kriptokrit and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help, back up and running.


You're welcome Mike. I'm glad that I could help.

Thanks for using our service and for positive rating.

Best Regards,