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I dropped my kindle reader in the sand whilst on holiday, it

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I dropped my kindle reader in the sand whilst on holiday, it now needs a clean. Can I get it cleaned and serviced ?
Wes :

My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you today. Please favorite or bookmark this page so you can return here if we get disconnected. Keep in mind we are not affiliated with Amazon or any device manufacturer.

Wes :

Does the device work properly or are you having problems with it? You may be able to do the cleaning yourself by using a compressor or canned air to blow any sand out of areas like headphone ports, power plugs, etc.

Wes :

Electonic Contacts can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swap

Wes :

I see you've disconnected. When you would like to continue our conversation, type a response in the box below and hit the reply button. I will be sent a message that you have reconnected and I will reconnect to you as soon as I can. Bear in mind that I am located in the United States (Central Time) and if you are in a different time zone, that may affect response times and availability.

Customer: the on/off slide button does not always work and feels gritty when being used, this on occasions causes it to stick, when this works the reader can be used. Sand can. E seen between the screen and the casing
Customer: I am on UK time so I will reconnect later today and try again.
Customer: Would it be safe to remove the back of my kindle reader and attempt to blow out any sand that is inside the kindle ?
Wes :

Yes, although it could void your warranty if it is still in effect. If the warranty is past then it shouldn't matter.

Customer: I'll may well try that then especially around the power on/off switch.
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