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In trying to playback from iPlayer, having reached the program

Customer Question

In trying to playback from iPlayer, having reached the program I wanted through the YouView menus, it stalled . YouView now doesn't give me any route through, and shows a msg "TV signal problem - your tv signal is weak or lost. For more info, go to and search for YVM302".
So I'm here. By the way, I'm still able to watch terrestrial and freeview channels as normally. However, the YouView zapper has no effect, not even to power-up the YV box.
What's going on ? Robert Day
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 3 years ago.

Have you tried restarting your YouView Box and router to see if this fixes the problem. Simply switch off the power to both devices, wait 30 seconds and then switch it back on again.


A weak signal could be related to the type of aerial you have. You could try connecting the box to another aerial port in your home.


You can also try to re-tune your YouView box to see if that will help. Press the YouView button on your remote. Go to settings and select TV Signal & Quality. Then select re-tune channels. Then select start re-tuning. It might even ask you to select your region so follow the instructions after that.

JACUSTOMER-89oabg39- :

Tried the restart + power on. Get the same msg "TV signal problem etc", and don't get to the screen showing the YouView logo and telling me it's coming. The YouView remote doesn't work (despite replacing the batteries).


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As far as the remote, Has the remote got a blue button with 'yv' on it? If it doesn't then they have sent you the wrong remote (which is not uncommon).

Also since you have tried all of the above then you might have to get a aerial fitter to come out and check it.


You can also go to this site: and it will walk your through step by step the steps you need to take to see if you can get a better TV signal. You can also call 0333(###) ###-####