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cvd4311, Computer Analyst
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my kindle fire storage is full.I.want to delete some apps but

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my kindle fire storage is full.I.want to delete some apps but dont know how ,HELP

  • Go to Menu by swiping down from top to bottom.

  • You will see options. Tap More.

  • Under More sub menu, go to Device and then Storage.

  • Scroll down to “Apps and Games.” Here you will see how much space apps have taken on your device.

  • Tap on Apps and Games and delete any app that you don’t need to have installed on the device (remember, it is safely stored in the “Cloud” for re-download later!).

    You can also install what is called Clean Master on your Kindle fire. It is free and once you install it will show all of your apps, you can then delete the apps that way to free up storage. Sometimes just doing a hard reset after you have deleted apps and books that you don't read or use anymore. hard reset first (hold the power switch for 30 seconds.


You can also reset your kindle but keep in mind that it will delete everything on there but you can re-register and it will load whatever you tell it to load. you don't have to load everything back on there.


Any video or movies or anything like that will take up a lot of storage. so you can remove those (but it will keep it in your Cloud) and free up storage like that.


A good site to look at is this one:, which will talk to you about freeing up your storage also and other ideas you can free up storage with.


It will take a bit to get everything off depending on how much storage you have.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

took some time free up storage ,but seems ok now many thanks

You are very welcome.