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Sorry if this is a ridiculous request, but I am now completely

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Sorry if this is a ridiculous request, but I am now completely at the end of my tether and need help. I have to contact Skype to recover my account details and reactivate my account, but none of the help pages or advice sections provided by Skype seem to cover my situation. To explain, my father was very ill in April and May, and died in June, during which time I was using Skype a lot to contact members of the family and friends abroad to share news. I was also trying to move house at the same time. Anyway, in all the upheaval that was going on, I lost or mislaid both my Skype account name and my password, and I also have no recollection at all of what e-mail account name I used to set up the account. One morning, when using my laptop at home (I always used Skype over my own laptop, on a Windows 8 based system), I was prompted by Skype to download the 'new' version. I saw no reason not to agree to the request, but when it was all done, the system wanted my Skype name and password, which I could not remember or find. Nor could I remember which e-mail account I used to register when I set up the account. The infuriating thing is that only about a fortnight before the 'upgrade', Skype had taken about £20 out of my credit card to keep my account topped up, so there is somewhere in the e-netherworld an account in my name with my money in it which I should be able to use to make Skype calls. I either want the Skype service reactivated, or my money back. If they would at least provide a postal address I could write to, I could send them a letter explaining the problem in full and they could deal with it. What do I do please? Or do I simply have kiss the money good bye and start again from scratch? Many thanks, ***** *****
My name is Jason. I look forward to helping you today.
I am sorry to hear about your father. You have my condolences.
First, you will have to locate your user id. One way to do this is to simply contact one of the people on your Skype contact list and ask them to tell you which Skype User ID is showing for your account on their list.
If you simply wish to regain your user id and reset your password ***** one move, you can do so at the following page:
On the above page, enter the email address that you may have linked to the account. If you have more than one email address and are not sure which one was used, just enter each one until you locate it.
You will be able to reset your password ***** gain your user id back using the instructions that I typed above.
I look forward to your next message or your rating below.
To rate me, you can click one of the faces below and click Submit or click the Accept button.
If you ever wish to work with me in the future, you can ask your new questions and have them sent to me directly at the following page:
Thank you again,
- Jason
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, Jason! That's great. Please excuse me if I don't rate you straight away, I want to see how I get on with sorting this out, following your advice. I'll do the rating and try to let you have some feedback later. Many thanks, Nick.

Thank you, Nick.
After you rate me, you can always come back and continue with me at no extra charge.
The website will not give me any credit for my time until you rate my help.
- Jason
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Thank you.
Please, click the following link and choose to run the remote application:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello again. Just tried running your remote session software and I get a failure message.

The message reads: "Cannot start application.

Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance."

Which Internet browser are you currently using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or something of the like)?
- Please, click the following link, download that file, and run the file:
- Then download and allow that remote app to run.
- Once it is finished, please, tell me the 9 digit number that appears on the top of your screen.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Jason,

Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded and installed the program. The number given is: 893-343-418.

Not sure if you are there, but hope you see this. Cheers, Nick

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jason, I suspect you are not there at the moment. I am in the UK (northern England), where it is now 10:26 a.m. (BST), so I think I must be about 4 or 5 hours ahead of you. I will log off for a while, then try again later today, maybe about 2 p.m. our time. If you are still not there, I'll assume you aren't available at weekends and will try you again on Monday. The '' program seems to work, though.

If it helps, my browser is Google Chrome, and I am working from a Lenovo laptop, running Windows 7 Professional. (I did have Windows 8 but just couldn't get on with it, so had it removed and 7 Professional installed instead.)

Maybe contact you later. Cheers, Nick

Thank you.
When you are ready to begin, please post a message here.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jason, I managed to get this sorted out in the end and sent you an appraisal a few days ago, which I hope you received. Any problems, pse let me know. I now have skype back, which is much appreciated, so thank you for your guidance! Nick