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My Kindle 'Keyboard' has locked on a stationary picture Sillouhette

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My Kindle 'Keyboard' has locked on a stationary picture Sillouhette of a tree on a hillside and will not display any text and does not respond to any keys. I have tried a recharge with no visible effect.
How do I proceed?
Welcome and thanks for your question.
I'm Todd and I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve your problem.

Please note that electronics troubleshooting is not always easy and sometimes I will not be able to find solution for your problem immediately, so if my first answer does not resolve your problem or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD SERVICE or POOR SERVICE (that will result in a permanent negative feedback on my record - very damaging for me). Please use "Reply to Expert" button instead.
Sometimes your Kindle can be unresponsive and keep you from using the device properly (the most important reason for this issue can be glitch in the software). If there is no hardware issue on the device, some of the solutions below should resolve this issue.
Please follow the steps below to reset your device:
1. Press and hold (or slide and hold) the power button for exactly 35 seconds.
2. After 35 seconds, release the power button.
3. Wait 2 minute, then turn on your Kindle.
Please try this procedure at least 3 times (if you have leather cover or any other cover remove it).
If the previous procedure doesn't work, perform the procedure below:
1. Plug the Kindle into the charger for 5 minutes.
2. After 5 minutes (while still plugged in) press and hold power (slide and hold) button for 35 seconds.
3. Allow up to 3 minutes for the Kindle to reboot.
Another solution for this kind of issue:
1. Connect the USB cable to computer (do not connect Kindle).
2. Hold the Power button for 20 seconds.
3. After 20 seconds while still holding Power button, plug the other part of the USB cable in the Kindle.
4. Leave the Kindle for 2 minutes and try to turn it on (hold the Power button for exactly 45 seconds).
Please try all solutions (step by step) and let me know if that works. I'll be waiting for your reply.
If none of those solutions works or you need more information please do not rate my answer negative BAD service or POOR service. Reply to me using "Reply to Expert" button and I'll provide you with the next step.
Kind Regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, Sorry for the delay but I am over 80 and medical problems/routines sometimes interfere with my activities.

I am sorry but none of the three proceedures you suggested has worked. The Kindle will not come on and the 'locked in' page, a silhouette picture of a figure sitting under a tree remains fixed. I have been through the list of suggestions three times trying each item at least three times on each pass.

Have you any more proceedures I can try please?

Best Regards John

Hi John,
Thank you for you reply and sorry for delay. I was offline.
If none of the previous solutions works (the most important troubleshooting steps), I have good and bad news for you (please don't shoot the messenger).
Bad news is that your Kindle is defective. I have provided you with the all troubleshooting steps for resolving this kind of issue (resetting the software, force reset, USB charging). Unfortunately there is an hardware issue on the device that software troubleshooting can't resolve.
Good news is that if your Kindle is still under Amazon warranty (1-year warranty) you will receive a new Kindle for free.
If your Kindle is out of warranty, the good news is that Amazon does often replace Kindles out of warranty. At least they would replace it for less than the cost of repairing.
You will have to contact your seller or Amazon warranty support service directly to arrange replacement.
There is an option that Amazon calls you. Please follow the steps below:
1. Go to the page below - click here.
Log in using your Amazon account information.
2. Select Kindle > Kindle Device (or Troubleshooting my Kindle) > Problem with my Kindle > My Kindle is damaged or Kindle is frozen/unresponsive
3. Click Phone - Call us
4. Enter your number and choice "Call me now" or "Call me for 5 minutes".
Sorry I could not be of any more assistance, but there is a hardware issue that can't be resolved online.
Please let me know if you are not satisfied with my help or if you need more information. I'll be happy to help with any follow up questions.
Kind Regards,
Kriptokrit and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks for getting in touch, Since there were no other steps I could take I followed your advice and went on line to Amazon/Kindle and arranged a phone call. The result was that they are going to replace my Kindle but sadly there are no more 'Keyboard' Kindles available so they are replacing it with a Kindle 'White' screen. There is also a wait for supplies of this model so it will be the middle of November before I receive it. Anyway all's well that ends well as Shakespeare said. The only fly in the ointment is that I have had to return my old Kindle to Amazon. I spent sixty odd years of my life involved in domestic electronics repair - starting in in 1950, before the first BBC television service began in1951and I would have liked to spent some time opening the faulty kindle up to have a look. I have managed three service organisations in my time and I like to keep up to date.

Thanks again, best regards John (midasman39 By the way, my email name is ***** ***** my Father who owned a small radio business (building and repairing) in the 1920s and 1930s. His business was called 'MIDAS RADIO' and under his guidance I took my first steps in radio and built my first radio in 1945 - two valves leaky grid detector with reactive feedback and a class A pentode audio output. using ex-services EF50 pentodes. I first got involved because at that time colour coding of small components was becoming widespread and my father was colour-blind, so I had to read component values for him. I knew the colour code for resistors and capacitors (condensers then) when I was eight.

Hi John,
Thank you for your reply.
Don't be sad about your new Kindle Paperwhite. That one is much better than older Kindle Keyboard.
New Paperwhite have screen with high resolution, with clear text and images.
Built-in Light, so you can adjust your screen's brightness to create a perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to bedtime reading. Better battery and more internal memory than Keyboard. I'm more than sure that your will enjoy it.
I'm sorry that your didn't have a chance to open and "experiment" with your old Kindle (that's actually what I love to do with my old/broken devices that are not worth repairing).
Your life story seems very impressive, you practically were among the pioneers of electronics. Mine is not that interesting. From early age I used to open various household appliances, and try to fix them. My parents weren't too happy about it those days :-)
Thank you one more time for using our service and for positive rating. I really appreciate it.
All the best,