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We now have two Kindles in the household. We cannot register

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We now have two Kindles in the household. We cannot register the second unit on the same email address. How can they be treated seperately?

Hi Janice,
My name is Randy.
I will assist you.
Do you want the kindles to sync different and separate books from Amazon or do you want to share books that you have purchased already?

If you register the kindles on separate accounts the books will not be available on the new kindle account.

Amazon supports ebook lending, but it only allows the book to be accessed for 14 days, and most books (publishers) don’t support it.

Without the ability to lend books, or lend books for a reasonable amount of time, the only alternative is to have multiple Amazon accounts and to buy ebooks for the appropriate account if you choose to have separate accounts.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your response Randy.

Ideally we would want the Kindles to sync differently and seperate the books from Amazon.

Amazon does not allow two Kindles to be registered on one account because the email address is common to both.

I believe that we will have to set up unique 'Collections' in each unit.

yes, that is probably the best solution as of now. The way things are set up with Amazon is a little tricky and far from ideal. It is mostly due to the book rights of the publishers and legal matters. Unfortunately it makes sharing the content that you suppposedly own a bit of a chore with the DRM attached to the library of books.
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