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Michelle, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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Experience:  B.Sc. Computer Science with Honors
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Hi. I have a toshiba c55. Yesterday, it crashed and when I

Customer Question

Hi. I have a toshiba c55. Yesterday, it crashed and when I restarted it there's a problem. It goes to the toshiba logo, then the screen goes blue to say there's an error and it's ring restarted. When it restarts it says 'preparing automatic repair'. This message fades and then nothing happens. After a few minutes a black ms-dos box appears very quickly. Then back to black screen. At this point a mouse pointer often appears on screen which I can move around but nothing else happens. It is only 5 months old and runs windows 8
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Michelle replied 3 years ago.
Michelle :

Hello my name is ***** ***** i will be assisting you to fix the problem.

JACUSTOMER-6uryrn7n- : Hi
Michelle :

when was the computer working fine last time.

JACUSTOMER-6uryrn7n- : I was using it yesterday afternoon. It crashed at about 4.30pm. The screen went green and I couldn't do anything. When I restarted it, the problem I wrote about happened.
Michelle :

restart computer and tap f8

Michelle :

select safe mode from the menu and press enter

Michelle :

once on safe mode desktop, follow the below steps

Michelle :

From the Windows 8 Start screen, type "Restore." The top result in the right-side Search panel should be "Create a restore point." Even though that's not what we're doing today, that's the choice you want to make. It opens the Control Panel to the Systems Properties dialog's System Protection tab
Tap the first button on that property sheet: System Restore. This opens a wizard-like dialog, the first page of which says "Restore system files and settings"
Next, you'll see a dialog with a choice of system restore points
Hit Next. Now you'll see the "Confirm your restore point" dialog," which lets you do exactly what it says. Note you can tick the "Show more restore points" box to do just that. You're also prompted to save any open files and make sure your Windows Password *****
Click Finish. You'll then see a final warning dialog telling you that once started, the System Restore cannot be interrupted, with another confirmation button for continuing the process. Click Yes.
Next you'll see a progress timer saying Restoring System, after which a full-screen Windows Update-like screen will display, saying "Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored." The process will run through initializing, restoring the registry, and then it will restart.

Michelle :

let me know the status whether it restarts normally or goes back to blank screen