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Hi - is private 1 to 1 chat in a private chat room of a text

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Hi - is private 1 to 1 chat in a private chat room of a text chat site recoverable or recorded on my computer?
Hello my name is ***** ***** certified computer professional with over 10 years experience. I will be happy to help you.

So are you asking if you or someone had a chat on a website would that chat be recorded somewhere on your computer?

Did the chat take place on the website or was a chat program installed on the computer?

If possible tell me what website the chat took place through.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris - the website is Menchats - I registered with them and go in under a codename - then you go into a general chat room and can double click to talk 1 to 1 - I did run a program to install but can't remember details - think it works thru Java script. Can any of my chats be recovered by such tools as Triage Investigator? Are there any records on my files or hard drive? Thanks

Please read through the instructions before trying them so you understand what needs to be done.

You likely did not install a program but ran a java applet which is how a lot of chats work.

I have never used this specific site but the chat would not be logged on your computer. Chats programs like skype and yahoo messenger do have the ability to save a log of chats to the computer itself however it is something you need to enable.

So no the chat you had on that site would not be saved on the computer however there could be evidence left behind on the computer that you did access that site and have a chat.

If this concerns you and you want to clean up any records of having used that site do the following.

Download the free version of Ccleaner here:

If you run the cleaner be aware it will wipe out all of your internet history, meaning we ALL websites visited and will erase all cookies so you will need log back into websites you were logged into, it will do this for all web browsers on the computer.

Now I would also suggest you clear your java cache as well.

The steps are a bit different depending on which operating system you use so follow the instructions on this page:

You will see that you will be clearing java logs but don't worry, this is not an actual log of the chat it just logs the java program keeps.

After you have done both of the above if you have concern someone may snoop around and try and run some type of recovery tools then I would suggest you wipe your free hard disk space. This makes deletes files unrecoverable even with tools. That program Ccleaner I have you above can do this. Here is how you use that part of the program:

But like I said, the chat itself would not be saved unless you specifically saved it. Unfortunately we cannot say if the person you chatted with copy and pasted the chat and saved it but I doubt it and since you used a codename it doesn't really matter anyway.

The steps I gave you above should cover you as far as any info on your commputer that you even went to that site.

In the future I would suggest you use a web browser like google chrome and take advantage of its incognito mode. In this mode nothing is saved to the computer once you close the browser.

Here is more info on that:

But just so you know almost all web browsers have a smilar private browsiong function where nothing is saved to the computer.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Chris - it is just that the Triage Investigator is reported to be able to recover 'chatroom records and details' - so does this NOT include private 1 to 1 chats, I realise a visit to the site will have been logged. Thanks again, brilliant service.

You're very welcome.

The website itself may save logs of chats but as far as your computer itself is concerned doing the above should be fine.

The Triage software is an enterprise level forensic software most usually used by law enforcement to the best of my knowledge. I have never personally used it as it costs thousands of dollars nor have I ever had the need.

If you are in any kind of position where you think someone would be using software like that against you then getting rid of the drive itself would be your best move if you wanted to play it safe.

The tools I gave you are good but if you are talking about computer forensic software that federal agencies have access to then what I suggested may or may not be enough.

This is all situational I suppose. I don't know the circumstances of the chat or what you want to make sure no one finds. If it is just that you want to hide the fact that you had the chat then what I gave you above should do you good assuming the computer is not being shipped off to some government run forensic lab and in that case physically destroying the drive would be the best move I would say.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Chris - yes unfortunately my computer was taken away without any of the above being done - so from what you say it may then be possible for triage to extract my private conversations - or will it? I had left my password ***** unfortunately but thought all the chat was scrambled and not recorded - what do you think the chances (% - best guess!) are? Thanks again

Well I hope it's nothing you will get in trouble for!

If you did none of the stuff that I mentioned then a good deal could be recovered. Like I said though the actual chat wouldn't be saved on the computer however the proof that the chat took place could be.

If this is of a criminal nature then they would also try and get logs from the folks who run that website. Whether they log every chat of not I have no idea, I doubt they would but there would be some record again likely of the chat taking place.

The chat itself being recovered from your computer even with triage seems unlikely to me. But having never used it myself for this specific reason I cannot say for sure. It would be more likely to recover that from the server that the chat took place on, not the computer.

For example, you and I are having a chat right now, yeah? But the text I am typing to you is not being saved on my computer. Once I send it through it is saved on this website and you can view it, it is gone from my computer the same principal applies. No one could recover what I am typing unless they had a secret keylogger installed on my machine.

So that being said, I don't know how the menchat site has their chat servers configured or what they log. But I do not see a strong possibility of someone using tools to recover the actual chat from your computer.

Again I never used that software triage to try and do this and I do not work in computer forensics on a law enforcement level so I do not know everything they may or may not be able to do but in my professional opinion it seems unlikely they could recover the whole chat from your computer, the menschat server would be a different story.

I hope that makes sense and helps a bit. I am a certified professional with certifications in security however what law enforcement agency's have access to and it can do I cannot say for sure.

But unless I am missing something I would say there is a low percentage of the full chat being recovered from your computer.

I hope it all works out for the best, ***** ***** a stressful situation.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks agin Chris - last Q - I am in UK - so could UK police ask a US chatroom if they have logs? I hope Menchats - like some do - don't store chats - or at least only for a short time possibly, it seems so oddtha all chats can be recorded. Rating is excellent thanks!

Sure they could ask but would the US site give them to them? Maybe but probably not.

This is where it gets into a bit of a legal question. I mean first, does mentschat site keep a log of all chats that happen on the site? I doubt it, why would they, it would take up server storage space which costs money.

Maybe they keep them for a bit you know like if they need to restore from a back up or something but if they even would have them I doubt they are going to spend any time digging them up unless court ordered to do so. I am not a lawyer but I don't think UK law enforcement could require that site to give them anything.

That right there is why there is so much internet crime. Here in the states and in the UK people scammed for money everyday by fake tech support phoen calls originating from countries like India and law enforcement can't do anything about it. I think this may fall under that category as well but it all depends I suppose on what crime was supposedly commited and how far they want to pursue it. Remember investigation takes time, resources and money.

So short answer, they could absolutely ask but I don't the US site would have to turn over anything unless they were being accused of some criminal act and ordered by a court to do so. Again I am not a lawyer but I am pretty sure that the UK authorities could not make them turn over any logs, but sure they could ask. You may want to check with a lawyer as they would know more about that than I would.

Thanks for the excellent rating, I need you to click the button though for me to be credited though, so if you could that, that would be brilliant.

Again I hope everything works out. Just so you know there are UK lawyers on this website you can talk to who may be able to answer the more legal end of things if you have those types of questions.

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