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Kamil Anwar
Kamil Anwar, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 6613
Experience:  8+ Years of Experience. / CCNA (S), CCNA (W), CCNA (RS), MCTS, MBCs.
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Had broadband fibre installed 27 Nov. Engineer unable

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Had broadband fibre installed 27 Nov. Engineer unable to connect our existing Dell owing to 'communications conflict' but connected its replacement (an Apple iMac) to internet as well as our iPad. Able to access emails on iPad but NOT on iMac (which we are unfamiliar with), iMac does not accept the email password ***** thought it was. After putting in email address on Mail Settings Lookup, message comes up 'mail settings are not known for your email provider: please contact your provider for correct settings'. Would be grateful if you could advise us of the correct email settings or issue new email settings via email which we can pick up off the iPad or mail to our home address if that is safer. Thanking you in anticipation. D G XXXXXXXX

Kamil Anwar :

Hello & Welcome to JustAnswer.

Kamil Anwar :

I can find you the correct settings; please tell me the part after the @ symbol of your e-mail address.

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- : Email address *****@******.***
Kamil Anwar :

please type only the part after the @ symbol

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- : *****@******.***
Kamil Anwar :

please dont type full email address

Kamil Anwar :

i only need the part after the @ sign

Kamil Anwar :

dont type anything before the @ sign

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- :
Kamil Anwar :


Kamil Anwar :

are you using talktalk internet connection?

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- : Yes
Kamil Anwar :

thanks - your settings should be:

Kamil Anwar :

Incoming email
Incoming Port143110
Outgoing email (SMTP)
Outgoing Port2525
Outgoing AuthenticationNoNo
Kamil Anwar :

the username is ***** ***** email address

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- : Can't change 110 to 143 could you tell me the precise way of going about this..thanks
Kamil Anwar :

143 and 110 both works

Kamil Anwar :

for incoming use: port 110

Kamil Anwar :

for outgoing use: port 25

Kamil Anwar :

if you want i can remotely connect to your computer and do this for you but that would be an additional service for $20

JACUSTOMER-x186vmrl- : Done. Don't know how I did it ! Please cancel ongoing support and cancel card details. Would you be kind enough to confirm. Thank you. I will rate you in a moment
Kamil Anwar :

You're Welcome. This is a one time question you asked. I beleive you did not subscribe to anything, but i will let the customer service know to cancel subscription if there is any.

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