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Why, when. I have submitted a winning bid, and admitted by

Customer Question

Why, when. I have submitted a winning bid, and admitted by the "seller" have I been denied the purchase of the coin, I have the wining bid (there was no bot***** *****mit) am I denied the purchase of this coin. I have followed the required procedure to buy this item, only to be denied at the final point without any logical reason by the seller. Why, am I denied this purchase, in good faith, through ebay, as a `so-called trusted on-line sales organisation??????
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 3 years ago.
cvd4311 :

Usually when you are denied it is either you have a bad rating or too little rating as a buyer or seller, or too many refunds or the seller has a better deal. It is up to the seller who they grant their items too I am sorry to say. They can easily give a second chance offer to someone else. It is not illegal for them to do that. If you have been denied too many times once you have won an auction, you will need to contact Ebay and ask they why but first check your rating. If it is by the same person you can email them through Ebay and ask why you were denied the auction. Once again it is up to them whether they answer you or not. There is no rule to that I am sorry to say.

cvd4311 :

There number is(###) ###-####if you want to find out why? Also if you think it is an unfair deal and or you have already paid and not received the merchandise then you can go through them to resolve it.

cvd4311 :

Good morning, did you see my instructions above? If not please reply to chat.

cvd4311 :

If everything is okay may I please close ticket?