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Good Day. Could you please tell me how to to delete books

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Good Day. Could you please tell me how to to delete books on the Basic kindle. Thank you
Hi ,
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Please follow the below steps to delete the book
Method 1 of 2: Archive Books on the Kindle
1 Turn on your Kindle. Go to the Home screen.
2 Use the 5-way controller to move up and down your list of books. Find the title you want to remove from your Kindle device. Make sure it is underlined before continuing.
3 Press the right direction on the 5-way controller. A list of options should pop up.
4Scroll down the options until you find the statement "Remove from Device."
5 Press the center button to choose that option. The material will be saved to your Kindle archived items.
An archived item is not stored in its entirety on your device or computer; however, it retains a record that you purchased or downloaded the item before.
Archived items are listed in the order that they were removed from the Kindle.
6 Restore an archived item by going to the "Archived Items" section of your Kindle screen. Scroll until you find the title you want, then press the center button to download the content again.
Method 2 of 2: Permanently Delete Kindle Books
1 Go to
2 Sign into the account on which your Amazon Kindle is registered.
3 Click on the drop down button under "Your Account." This is on the top right hand side of the page, under "Hello, Your Name."
4 Scroll down and click on "Manage Your Kindle."
You should see a list of books and other material associated with your Kindle.
5 Find the item that you want to delete. Drag your cursor to the "Actions" button to the right of this item.
6 Hover over the "Actions" button arrow. You should see several options, including "Delete from library." Click on that option.
7Answer "Yes" to confirm you want to permanently delete the item from your Kindle. The item will be deleted and cannot be restored.
If you delete a title from your Amazon account library, you will need to purchase it again to have it on your Kindle.
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